I think I found one of those Russia troll accounts

On https://comicskingdom.com/kirk-walters/2022-02-17/ I wrote:

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China wont destroy Taiwan per say. They will blockade it and take it over destroying the democratic government. China wants control over the entire area and all those in it. Ideally they want control over the entire world, but so does the US. The question becomes does the US and the world care about democracy as they use to say they did or not? We can see with the situation in Ukraine which is a democracy being threatened by a dictatorship that presents itself as a pretend democracy that the world really is not as forceful on the subject as they once were

I got this for a reply.   


The Ukrainian democracy was ended by Obama in 2014 when a group whose ancestors welcomed the Wehrmacht as liberators in 1917 and 1941 were given money and weapons and overthrew the democratically elected government. They are a minority who now have full control of what used to be an independent Ukraine that let everyone speak whatever language they liked and go to whatever church they liked.
The new government banned all things Russian throughout the Ukraine: it is illegal to speak Russian or to have a Russian Orthodox Church, all of which should be Lutheran or Roman churches, with a few Ukrainian Orthodox Churches (recognised by the Patriarch in Istanbul in 2018).
The Donbass declared itself independent of the Ukraine, and the Crimea voted to return to Russia from which they’d been given to the Ukraine by Khrushchev in 1954. Both the Donbass declaration and the Crimean vote are illegal under Ukrainian/US/NATO law.
Russia does not recognise the Donbass declaration of independence, but says the Donbass must remain an autonomous region in the Ukraine where the Russian language and the Russian Orthodox Church remain legal, and Russia also recognise the Crimean vote to return to Russia.
The US has given the new and greatly improved Ukrainian government $billions of weapons and money, and demands that the Ukrainian military force the Donbass to obey Ukrainian law against all things Russian and re-annex the Crimea. The Ukraine keep promising to do so, but later, since they know that attacking either the Donbass or the Crimea will bring the Russian military back into the Ukraine where they will demolish the Ukrainian military as they did in 2015. This, of course, is what the us wants since it will force Germany to finally cancel Nord Stream 2 and will justify harsh third party sanctions on Russia prohibiting all other countries from trading with Russia (back before 1930, third party sanctions were considered an act of war, but then the US, with what was believed to be the 2nd strongest military, imposed such sanctions on Japan and no one except Japan objected, and that Japanese objection caused the US to deploy its entire nuclear arsenal against Japan, so the US thereby earned the right to impose such sanctions whenever they wish).

I am busy and do not have a lot of time so I posted this in reply.

Misleading propaganda. Totally Russian misinformation. Ukraine today is a democracy and before it was under the control of a Putin puppet like Chechenia is. Have we learned nothing from Manafort’s history? Where do you think he came from? It makes me wonder about a Disqus profile that pushes such disinformation. IMO.

The same account posted this.  

The US and the PRC play a game called “strategic ambiguity”.
The PRC keep saying they intend to force a peaceful reunification, where by “peaceful” they mean, as long as Taiwan does not declare itself an independent country, they will not use their military or drastic sanctions or any other act of war.
And the US keep SAYING Taiwan is just another province of the PRC while treating it as an independent nation.
If the US or Taiwan ever SAY Taiwan is an independent nation, then and only then will the PRC use its military to force complete reunification.

It seems to me I identified the first Russian troll farm account I identified on my own.   There are a couple I suspect such as DEN who is a died in the wool cult member who defends any Republican police, is a tRump cult member defender, and hates on all Democrats.  He is a slippery one where when you catch him out in a falsehood simply changes the subject, moves the goalposts, or attacks a Democrat.  

What do you guys think?  I put the link in the post and you can go there and go to their profiles if you want.   michaelwne takes the Russian line on the Olympic and other topics.   But I could be wrong. 







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