‘He’s just a bad guy’: Judge destroys lawyer claiming Trump is part of ‘protected class’


'He's just a bad guy': Judge destroys lawyer claiming Trump is part of 'protected class'

Attorney Alina Habba was scolded by a judge on Thursday after she claimed that her client, former President Donald Trump, is part of a “protected class” because of his Republican ideology.


During a court hearing in New York, Trump attorneys tried to convince state Supreme Court Judge Arthur F. Engoron that members of the Trump family could not be subpoenaed in connection with allegations that their company illegally manipulated property valuations.

Habba told Engoron that Attorney General Letitia James is conducting an improper investigation into Trump because she does not like him.

“She has such disdain for this person because he was president, because he is Donald Trump and he could probably win again in ’24,” Habba said. “He has First Amendment rights. He’s allowed to be a Republican.”

The Trump attorney demanded to know if James is going to “go after” Hillary Clinton, citing claims that the former president was “spied” on.

“There’s no viewpoint discrimination,” Engoron said. “I’m just saying there is none.”

“He’s a protected class,” Habba insisted.

“Ah!” the judge reacted. “What protected class is he a member of?”

“His political speech,” Habba replied. “If he was not sitting as a Republican and was not a former president who might run again, this would not be happening. So she is discriminating against him for that.”

The judge’s clerk stopped Habba to point out that the term “protected class” is usually reserved for race, religion and sex discrimination.

“The traditional protected classes are race, religion, etc.,” Engoron agreed. “Donald Trump doesn’t fit that model. He’s not being discriminated against based on race, is he? Or religion, is he? He’s not a protected class. If Ms. James has a thing against him, OK, that’s not in my understanding unlawful discrimination. He’s just a bad guy she should go after as the chief law enforcement officer of the state.”

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5 thoughts on “‘He’s just a bad guy’: Judge destroys lawyer claiming Trump is part of ‘protected class’

    1. Hi Nan. It is because in the tRump world his is the center of all things. He is the authority and the king. Just the arguments the lawyers are making seem directed by tRump’s ego. It is also his mindset that if he insists something be it is. If he tells you something that is how it has to be. I told you that when Ron worked for him no one was allowed to contradict him. No matter what he said, no matter how wrong he was correct, and the staff had to act that way. At least until he was not around. All his life since he was a little child tRump has been able to change reality by insisting on his own way. That is ending now. At this late stage in his life. Far too late, but his mind can not deal. For example his lawyers argued he is a president so exempt from prosecution. Really. So the judge had to say no you are not, your just a normal regular person now. tRump’s lawyer argued that as a president it would harm tRumps reputation to have to take the 5th so the case needed to be dismissed. See the pattern. tRump’s lawyer was arguing these things either look bad for tRump or inconvenience him so they can not be allowed. They must be dismissed because it is not in tRumps favor. That is how far his delusions go and that he had in the White House. But in the White House he had staff protecting him. This is the deluded boy king the cult worships. tRump doesn’t understand the rule of law because he never had to follow it. All his live he has been above it. The things he got away with at Mar-a-Largo simply because he would agree to a condition and then immediately violate it as if it never happened. Again reality was whatever he wanted it to be.

      That is not working for him anymore. The judge had to explain to lawyers that tRump, their client, was just a man like everyone else and a bad man at that. He claimed the cases had to be dismissed because the DA was a black woman who did not like him. WTF. Would anyone else get a lawyer these days to argue that for them?

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      1. One can’t help but wonder what kind of ethics his lawyers have to do these things. I know money talks … but to debase themselves like they do is a pretty sad commentary on the legal profession.

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        1. Hey Nan. But that is the thing, have you noticed a change in his lawyers? In the arguments they give, in how they sound? Even in the second impeachment there was a marked difference in his lawyers that defended him. He cannot get decent lawyers now. He made a reputation of screwing his lawyers. Felt he did not have to pay them, just representing him should make them happy. Look what he did to Rudy Giuliani. Rudy did everything for him, for years. Rudy was behind the Ukraine shake down on tRumps orders. Rudy went on every mission that tRump sent him on, then at the end when Rudy tried to bill him because Rudy was desperate for money tRump dumped him. Stiffed him, no pay. What people do not seem to realize about trump is he is broke as fare as wealthy people go. Yes he still has great wealthy compared to us who make $50,000 a year. But what he is desperate to hide is he is underwater on everything. Yes he lives on the income of these properties, but he never paid for them, they are bought on credit.

          The suspicion is that he money laundered for all his properties. I know that at a point he was so broke he had to beg his own family for money, and they made him put up security, because they knew him. After that he never used any of his own money because he only had a millions. He never has been a billionaire, he just told the press he was, and they reported it. So for example, when he had no money he sent to Scotland and bought that golf course with cash. Every year he has owned it the golf course has lost money. But every few years he takes a loan to cover both the old loses and to keep operating. Before deutsche bank arranged a loan from a wealthy person needing to loan money and tRump a person needing money. Yes money laundering. Putin specifically. I am sure you know how it works but for those who do not, Putin gives tRump a bunch of illegal money to buy something, and then makes legal payments to the “lending bank” who gives that money to Putin all nice and clean. The problem was their idiot stooge went and got elected president with lots of public attention even more than his inflated ego was drawing to them, so the deutsche bank pulled out. In fact the people involved in loans to trump well one had a sudden death and the other had a sudden desire to retire to seclusion and the bank said they never would do business with tRump again.

          That is causing tRump with now a huge money crunch that he is making up with a fake run for office. See right now all the money he is raising, which is enough by the way to cause the RNC to be very upset as it is cutting into their money grabs, is unregulated for the most part in what he can do with it. He is using it to keep his bills paid and grifting more and more as hard as he can. You don’t hear anything about him funding his own campaigns now do you?

          He has become a security risk because he is desperate for cash, and he is in great legal jeopardy. So who would he take a loan from and what would they want from him? Would he care?

          But back to his lawyers, they are bargain basement and they just repeat what he tells them because they don’t know any better and they don’t care. They are grifters like him.
          And now I am going to bed. I have to be up in 5 hours to get the roundup out in time for Tengrain to give it a shout out. Night

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