Daily cartoon / meme roundup: Imagine … if the US was run for the people and not the wealthy corporations


Scottie’s world today

in order to succeed



Working It Out Comic Strip for February 21, 2022

Monty Comic Strip for February 21, 2022

Bernie doesn't equal socialism

The right calls anything that helps the public socialism.  Republican block any attempt to require the upper wealthy pay their share of taxes so the country can have more than the bare minimums of survival.   The country did best when the upper class paid more in taxes including wealth taxes.  The country had the money to expand and create, to do things that astonished the world.   Now a we have multimillionaires and billionaires paying next to nothing ruling the country while 80% of the people struggle for a decent quality of life.  40% of the country couldn’t handle an unexpected $400 expense.   We need to do better on the messaging and help people see they have been lied to by the wealthy to steal the countries assets. 


The end of privilege feels like loss for so many.

Kindness is a choice

I see crazy people 1

Are we in 1984?

joe and jill went up the hill


trump wants to be like Putin

the rootin tootin Putin show

Authoritarianismtrump chop down the democracy tree

trump walks cruz dog

Dog peeing on cruz

wrong place for pubes

eye bleach two

Return to canada and stay there

We hate cruz also




canada doesn't have first admend rightsheard in canada court

we are fine thanks canadayou're a fucking idiot

“I hate Tom Hortons coffee but damn I love a honey cruller.

Promotion of underacchievers




Nutrition aids education. Taking away food will guarantee a worse education.

Stock market before people

Go lesbian truckers 1

comic image

Moderately Confused Comic Strip for February 21, 2022


Pick a pannel and


“It’s really, massively stupid not to welcome vaccination,” the 98-year-old Munger said. “We probably have 30% of the people in the country that think vaccination is evil and [is] coming after them like the hobgoblins. It’s not good that there’s that much ignorance left.”

Republicans attract the ignorant, then weaponize their self-interests and sadism.

ViewsEurope Comic Strip for February 19, 2022



Misleading right wing media cartoons / memes

Ted Rall Comic Strip for February 21, 2022

FFS, corps are having record profits, CEOs & execs are getting big bonuses and raises. The supply chain is breaking down, slowing products from the Wall Street bottom liners outsourced factories to the market, decreasing supply and driving up prices even further. The Owning Class is engaged in wholesale looting, and Real Leftist Ted Rall is putting this drivel out? GTFO.  

Wages are up and people are still buying. If people are willing to spend over retail for vehicles and such, inflation will continue.  The white supremacist backed road blocks impeding commerce between the USA and Canada certainly didn’t help do anything good to slow inflation.  Republicans are desperate to find an issue they can run with. One fizzle after another. Hillary still seems the best bet for them.

Gary Varvel for Feb 21, 2022

The protesting truckers were a small percentage of all the truckers in Canada. The truckers union and the majority of truckers condemned the protest. It wouldn’t have stopped food deliveries nor caused shortages in grocery stores. This cartoon is about fear. Be afraid, don’t let the government require vaccines or you will go hungry.

Bob Gorrell for Feb 21, 2022

The slogan is awkward but it is correct. The police have become too militarized with too many non-law enforcement jobs required of them. Right now the police are more occupying army than protectors of the people. Police shouldn’t be the primary ones answering mental health calls, they should only be a back up to the mental health workers trained for that job. Several places have tried switching to having trained professionals answer those types of calls and it works. Right now in many areas of the country the police have become gangs, thugs demanding ever higher pay, perks, and military gear. Time to get back to what core policing really is and leave the video game commando tactic to the gaming consoles. Civilian boards should be in charge of police investigations, No excuses for body cams not on or worn. It is time for civilians to be in charge, not the gangs of cops. A national database for bad cops and those in that data base do not get rehired if they are fired for cause.

A.F. Branco for Feb 21, 2022

A protest organized by a fascist Qanon leader and supported mainly by far right white supremacists with the goal of over turning a law in the US about not being able to cross the US / Canada border without being vaccinated. This was vaccine protest was in a country already 90% vaccinated. The public did not support this, the truckers union did not support this action, and the protest was conducted by a very small percentage of Canadian truckers. It was promoted on social media by foreign governments interested in causing unrest and chaos in the US and Canada. The majority of funding was coming from the US. Which might explain the Confederate battle flag being flown by the protestors.


And now some for fun

cats bed

Soft and white

Small PP

inside our gifts

Non Sequitur Comic Strip for February 21, 2022

Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip for February 21, 2022

Speed Bump Comic Strip for February 21, 2022

Eek! Comic Strip for February 21, 2022

Herman Comic Strip for February 21, 2022

Pickles Comic Strip for February 21, 2022

Family Tree Comic Strip for February 21, 2022

Shoe Comic Strip for February 21, 2022

The Buckets Comic Strip for February 21, 2022

Lola Comic Strip for February 21, 2022

Close to Home Comic Strip for February 21, 2022

Mannequin on the Moon Comic Strip for February 21, 2022

The Duplex Comic Strip for February 21, 2022

4 thoughts on “Daily cartoon / meme roundup: Imagine … if the US was run for the people and not the wealthy corporations

  1. Some GOOD ones today! 😁 But also some really dumb ones. 🥱

    But beyond all that, this comment by Robert Reich is the winner:

    Mark my words: if Russia invades Ukraine, the same Republicans in Congress who were silent when Trump cozied up to Putin will criticize Biden to no end.

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    1. Hello Paul. Thank you. It was not your fault that you lost my posts. WordPress nuked my blog without warning because I was hit with hundreds of complaints of spam by toll bots. I did not know how to get it back and their support did not help me. Now I know what to do, but too late. So Nan talked me into opening a .org blog but nothing worked properly and I had trouble with my own URL. So I bit the bullet hard and opened another WordPress blog. I am glad to have you back. I am glad for everyone who comes to visit and as always I hope to have enough diversity for everyone to find something they can enjoy. I want this place to be a community of thought and ideas, a place people can share with each other. Best wishes.

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