4 thoughts on “Wealthy candidates pour millions into 2022 campaigns

  1. IMO, this is SO WRONG! Elections should never be based on how much money a candidate receives. But of course, this IS the way it is. And what’s even more frustrating is the people who pay attention to all the (well-financed) propaganda are usually people who don’t pay attention to anything that’s been going on for the months leading up to the election! So they swallow it all — hook, line, and sinker … which are all made from GOLD!

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    1. Hello Nan. I agree. But out politicians are bought now, well most of them. And wait until I post the thing I just learned about a Republican working with the Russian intel agency to get opposition research on his Democratic opponent. Here is the link if you want to read it before I can post again. I have to leave in 6 minutes and won’t be able to post until my eyes can handle the screens.



      1. Taub admitted wrongdoing …

        It seems so long as a person says “Sorry … I goofed,” all is forgiven. Yes, he did have to serve some time, but IMO, the punishment was far short of the crime.

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        1. Hello Nan. Yet the Russian connection to the 2016 election was all a hoax. It was a witch hunt. Russia never interfered according to the top Republican leaders. Yet here is someone who went to jail for doing it. This evening I had a guy tell me online that only Democrats have been caught illegally voting and as proof he claimed with no citation that some people in Texas had their party registration changed. I pointed out what happened in Florida and some other states that are charging Republicans for trying to vote illegally the person refused to accept it. I was a lib idiot, I was lying, I was … anything but correct. I just stopped answering him and his replies became just insults after insults. He thinks that means he won the argument, but I don’t care because people reading along can see my points and his reactions. How these people function in a normal society I cannot figure out.


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