Have an eye appointment.

I am starting the morning news and the roundup.   But things will be delayed and maybe not even published today because I have an eye check up this morning and my eyes will be dilated.   Not sure how long it will take to clear them up enough to work on the computers.  The last time Ron had his done he was unable to do much but watch TV with dark glasses all day.   I am a diabetic with several eye issues like cataracts and a stigma.  I have to have a prism in my lens ( forget which eye ) or no matter how good the prescription everything is still fuzzy and blurry.   Before they found the prism problem I had to run my fonts huge and I still run them larger than most people.  People who get email from me already know I like larger fonts and it reduces eye strain.  So see you all later.   Thank you

3 thoughts on “Have an eye appointment.

  1. I went to the eye doctor at the end of 2020, and he told me my eyes were no different from the last checkup. I felt pretty good about that until my wife went and he told her the same damn thing. Uh…
    Hope all goes well for you.

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