Ron DeSantis’ Spox: “The US Is No Position To Promote Democracy, I Can Never Trust The Federal Government”

In a time of national distress and when the US is trying to help a democracy being attacked a long time enemy of our country a leading Republican known to desire the presidency says the following.

“Pre 2020, I was an idealist who truly wanted to help Ukraine become a strong democracy. I spent a lot of time in Ukraine, still have friends there I worry about now. But the sad fact is the USA is in no position to ‘promote democracy’ abroad while our own country is falling apart.

“I’ve met a lot of great people on here who used to be Democrats until the elite Covidian takeover of their party pushed them away. Well I used to be a lot less political than I am now, and if anything, more of a neocon.

“Now I can never trust the federal government in any way.” – Christina Pushaw, spokesliar for Ron DeSantis.

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