Black Transgender Woman FINALLY Gets Justice For Sham Arrest

An Atlanta police officer was ordered to pay $1.5 million to a Black transgender woman who was falsely imprisoned for trafficking cocaine back in 2015. Ju’Zema Goldring claimed she was racially profiled and targeted based on her race and sexual orientation and was able to prove that in court since the officer found no trace of cocaine anywhere in her purse even after spending almost six months in prison.
“A federal jury ordered an Atlanta police officer to pay $1.5 million to Ju’Zema Goldring, who said she was profiled and falsely arrested for identifying as a Black, transgender woman. Goldring’s attorneys say she was walking with friends in October 2015 when two Atlanta Police Department officers stopped her for jaywalking, which Goldring denies she committed. Officers found a “stress ball” in her purse and tested it for cocaine. Goldring’s attorneys said officers charged Goldring with trafficking cocaine despite receiving a negative test result. Goldring spent nearly six months in jail. She was released when the Georgia Bureau of Investigation independently conducted a test, which attorneys said failed to detect cocaine. Attorneys also conducted tests in front of a jury at the trial.”

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