Daily cartoon / meme roundup: The top tweet is what a real threat of losing freedom looks like.


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I worked on this all day and only got through a third of the web sites.  There is such a back long I did not even get to the fun ones.   I will start early in the morning and try to plow through them to get some more fun ones for everyone.    Best wishes and my very best hopes for the Ukrainians. 


Andy Marlette for Feb 23, 2022

Andy Marlette for Feb 22, 2022

Andy Marlette for Feb 21, 2022

Putrid campaign ads

Matt Davies Comic Strip for February 21, 2022

Political cartoon

Andy Marlette for Feb 24, 2022

Chris Britt Comic Strip for February 23, 2022

before and after putin

Scott Stantis Comic Strip for February 22, 2022

Trump is putin big fan

comic image

Drew Sheneman Comic Strip for February 22, 2022

destroy you from within.

mexico would like a word

Russian land stealers

ViewsBusiness Comic Strip for February 23, 2022

ViewsBusiness Comic Strip for February 24, 2022

Michael Ramirez Comic Strip for February 23, 2022

ViewsEurope Comic Strip for February 23, 2022

Political cartoon

ViewsAsia Comic Strip for February 23, 2022

ViewsAsia Comic Strip for February 22, 2022

Joel Pett Comic Strip for February 23, 2022

ViewsBusiness Comic Strip for February 21, 2022

Reaching for a deadly book

it wont stop at the schools

comic image

comic image

When the fence fails

before another god impregnates you

what is freedom of religion

selling a gun mean murder

ViewsEurope Comic Strip for February 24, 2022


Misleading right wing media cartoons / memes

The right wing wants to blunt the push to lower college costs and to cancel student loan debts.   Look we tell people to get ahead they need an education.   Then we make getting that education very hard to get for most people, well out of their price range.  Then we allow predatory lending practices especially for the fly by night schools that don’t even graduate students or have jobs programs to charge huge fees and interest.   It is all to make sure only the wealthy can get ahead.  That only the wealthy can send their kids to higher educations, while poor families face the fact that their kids will have labor or menial jobs.  The idea is the lower incomes children will work for and serve the higher income’s children.   The other thing this does is promote profit for the lenders instead of that money going to help the economy and giving the people with these loans the chance to live decent lives instead of being financially destroyed by high interest loans. 

This is the right wing misinformation media cartoonist Rivers.   Need I even address it?  While members of the right dress up as Nazis and carry their flag / symbols he accuses the left of doing so.  While the right wing defends Putin invading a free and sovereign nation he accuses the left of being Nazis.   The whole thing is a projection and an attempt to deflect from the actions from the right, tRump, and Putin. 

Now he makes the same claim against Canada’s leader.

Again this is Rivers a far right delusional cartoonist.  Here he makes the claim that Canada is an authoritarian nation worse than the Nazis.   Well he does like Nazis.  

I do not put much stock in this narrative any more.  As the population in rural areas shrink it would seem those able would leave, and it maybe that the remaining older people might be stronger Republicans.    But the population centers and the over all population in the US remains Democratic.  I think this is an attempt to discourage Democrats in the rural areas to keep them from voting and to make the right wing feel stronger than they are. 

The right wing media so badly misconstrued the Durham filing that he has to make a new filing explaining that he did not assert the things Fox and other far right media was saying he had claimed.  The need by / on the right for something to support tRump’s wild claims and show that he never should have been investigated for the crimes and corruption he committed is so great they have resorted to making things up.   But when the rest of the media doesn’t report their fantasys and made up stories they claim the media is bias and wont show things that cast tRump in a good light. 

The Durham filing never claimed Hillary or her people spied on tRump.  This is another creation of Fox media hosts.   The techs looking into the servers at the White House were hired by the White House during the Obama presidency.  But you can not gin up outrage by talking about techs hired to look at the traffic on a server by President Obama so they made up a story that would rile up the base. 

The right wing has such a warped view of science, biology, and pregnancy they think an abortion is the murder of a human.   I have been arguing with a right winger that claims the second of egg and sperm meeting the result is a human baby.   Not the potential for one, but is one right then.   That then leads to any sex is an attempt to make a baby.  

Yes the price of fuel is rising fast.  There is a war happening.   Stocks are tumbling.   Rivers is a right wing media cartoonist who appears to support Putin in this conflict.   It is going to get worse.   But the US and the world has no choice, we can not let Putin get away with invading a sovereign democratic nation.  It will not only embolden him but every wannbe dictator on the planet. 

comic image

The sanctions that the US and the other countries being implemented will hurt Russia and the oligarchs badly. I doubt that it will cause Russia to withdraw from Ukraine but as Biden said these are sanctions that will hurt more over time. The longer Putin stays in Ukraine the weaker Russia will get and the weaker Putin’s hold on power will get. I think Putin misjudged the will of the rest of the advanced nations.

Mike Lester Comic Strip for February 24, 2022

Those “sacred cows” didn’t commit treason by attempting to overthrow the government.   And those “sacred cows” are fighting for civil equality and justice, not fighting to overturn a fair election under false pretenses.  It’s sad when someone tries to compare Trump traitors to people who want the right not to be murdered by the police.  

twclix Premium Member about 5 hours ago
@mlester101Mike, you really screwed this one up. The January 6 insurrection was a traitorous effort to support a lying psychopathic malignant narcissist in his effort to overthrow a clean election.

The BLM riots were violent, but much of the violence was instigated by right wing agitators and fools like Kyle Rittenhouse. And why the violence? Not because of a lying psychotic politician. But because of persistent embedded police violence towards Black citizens. Had the January 6 insurrectionists been Black, they all would have been killed before they got inside the Capitol.

Your defense of them shows you are in league with men like Putin and trump. That speaks to deficiencies that make me seriously question your character and your integrity.

The attempt to form an equivalence between an attempt to overthrow a valid federal election with the race riots inspired by right wing agitators and their BLM counterparts is simply wrong. There is no equivalence.

The BLM folks don’t want to be shot and killed by police anymore. They’ve had enough. It doesn’t excuse what a few rioters did, but it is completely understandable, and a civil matter.

On the other hand your insurrectionists were supporting baseless, pernicious lies that you and your ilk have been spreading. They are an open, obvious threat to the United States of America.

I find it hard to believe you cannot discern the difference between race riots and treason.

Why do you hate American aspirational morality, and spout such lying, destructive garbage?

Clearly you’ve been propagandized and brainwashed, but that’s no excuse. If the US survives you and your type, historians will look back at you with open disdain for having supported the destruction of our democracy by a lying psychopath and his fawning media support.

(Oh, and Mike, you are clearly a prime example of the fawning media that supports lies and treason.)


And now some for fun

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