“Lol Putin is brilliant. Western Media, which is obsessed with ‘muh Nazis’ will have a tough time spinning this one.

“What he really means is Ukraine needs to be liberated and cleansed from the degeneracy of the secular western globalist empire.

“Christians liberating other Christians from the demonic, secular, anti-God globalist West. Pretty based if you ask me.

“I hope the Globalist American Empire gets humiliated from all angles. China should take Taiwan right now, that would be militarily brilliant.

“The Biden admin is asleep and paralyzed at the wheel and the world knows it.” – Andrew Torba, CEO of Gab.

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  1. Hi Scottie;
    There are some who don’t understand how it is that many republicans see russia so favorably (ps, the non-capitalization of certain words is on purpose to show my disdain). I see no difference in this than how poor people voted for and cult follow trump. But, I remind everyone of your post on 1/18:
    Look at this so-called party of family values who don’t care who has to die so they can get over on the libs. We truly live in a society that has no issue with the world burning if they can die still free to hate.

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    1. Hello Randy. They have become the party of hate. The party of selfishness. The party of what is in it for me? Look at the people in that party that get all the press, that get airtime and why. They are the white supremacist and troll members of the party. They are authoritarians. They are not serious thinkers, they are the Newt Grinrich & Rush Limbaugh wannabes. They are not statesman, not lawmakers, they are not doing anything for governance, just for their own advancements. And most of them are relatively new. It use to be in the Republican party the longer you were in the party the more seniority you had then you got more authority and prestige. They nominated their presidential candidates on whose turn was next. Now the young loud brash in-your-face thugs are in charge. The older members of the party don’t know what to do about them. The thing was tRump was the first of them and that is because he never grew up. He still is a preteen in his head. The right wingers on the cartoon comments sections are all like arrogant bratty kids, all tRump like.

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