Don’t Mind Vlad



I’m sure every political cartoonist has used the Dr. Strangelove concept at least once in his or her career. Hell, I’ve used it several times and I’ve never even seen the movie. After the first time I used the concept and someone mentioned Dr. Strangelove, my response was, “the doctor what now?” And even though I’m usually against using a cliché, I’m OK with using it today. What I wanted to do today was to hit Putin, and not just the people here in the states who are cheerleaders for him.

By the way, I’ve had three people send me ideas saying I should draw Trump as a cheerleader. I had the cheerleader idea before I went to Las Vegas. I had planned to save it to draw during my Vegas trip in case I couldn’t think of anything else. I ended up not using it. Now I’m glad I…

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