Republican Lauren Boebert compares Ukraine to Canadian truckers’ convoy

Congresswoman says ‘our neighbors to the north need to be liberated’, prompting widespread condemnation

Lauren Boebert said: ‘We have neighbors to the north who need freedom and you need to be liberated and we need that right here at home.’
Lauren Boebert said: ‘We have neighbors to the north who need freedom and you need to be liberated and we need that right here at home.’ Photograph: Bloomberg/Getty Images

The Republican congresswoman Lauren Boebert was condemned for comparing the Russian invasion of Ukraine to the clearing of a truckers’ protest in Ottawa, saying: “We also have neighbors to the north who need freedom and who need to be liberated.”

Trucks and cars in support of the “people’s convoy” heading to south on Interstate 81.
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A former US ambassador to Canada called the comments “reckless” and “dangerous”.

A protest in imitation of the Canadian truckers has been making its away across the US. It is expected in Washington this week.

Anthony Housefather, a Liberal member of the Canadian parliament, told Boebert that “while it’s good that you are not following the Trump line and are standing with Ukraine instead of Putin, it is sad to hear you compare free and democratic Canada to the invasion of Ukraine.

“If you would like to learn about Canada please reach out.”

That seems unlikely. Boebert, from Colorado, is a far-right controversialist and conspiracy theorist who since being elected in 2018 has consistently sought attention through confrontation.

She was discussing the Ukraine invasion at CPAC, the conservative event in Florida, in an interview with Fox Nation hosts Pete Hegseth and Kayleigh McEnany, the latter a former White House press secretary under Donald Trump.

Trump has condemned the invasion but repeatedly praised Putin.

Boebert said: “I pray for Ukraine and I wish them the best.”

She also praised the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, whose response to an evacuation offer was widely reported.

“They have a great president right now who really said, clearly, ‘Live free or die’,” Boebert said, reaching for the New Hampshire state motto before paraphrasing Zelenskiy, saying: “I don’t need a ride, give me ammunition. The fight is right here.”

She continued, saying: “But we also have neighbors to the north who need freedom and you need to be liberated and we need that right here at home.”

Canada maintains emergency powers after trucker blockades ended
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It was a reference to the “Freedom Convoy”, a truckers’ protest which choked downtown Ottawa this month. The protest began against vaccine mandates but morphed into a protest against the government of Justin Trudeau.

The prime minister used emergency powers to aid the effort to end the protest, which saw police and protesters clash in the snowy streets of the Canadian capital.

Many in Canada and the US reacted to Boebert’s comments with anger.

Bruce Heyman, who was US ambassador to Canada under Barack Obama, said the congresswoman’s remarks were “reckless, dangerous and [crossed] every line of diplomacy and decency. Boebert would have been expelled from the Republican party before Trump but [is] now the darling of CPAC.

“Canada is our best friend, best trading partner, closest ally and should be treated as such.”

6 thoughts on “Republican Lauren Boebert compares Ukraine to Canadian truckers’ convoy

  1. Lauren Boebert is simply reveling in the attention she’s getting, pure and simple. Of course I don’t know her childhood/background, but it seems likely she never received the love and attention she craved … so now she’s in a position where she can “demand” it. And she’s loving every minute.

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    1. Hello Nan. BoeBert is the one who has a gun themed restaurant / dive. Her staff only carry guns. I guess five years into it she did ask a company to come in and give her staff some training. Ya … still not going to eat where all the staff carry loaded weapons. Some one have a bad day, get into a argument and …

      Also she married a man after she was on a date with him and he exposed himself, yes he wiped it out, in front of some teen girls. She blamed the teens for her hubby showing them his junk. No charges were filed I guess because she won her seat at the same time. Don’t mess with a new congress woman over a little thing like showing minors … a little thing I guess. She seems to be out for herself like all Republics. Yes I agree she loves the attention and doesn’t seem that bright. Scare what passes for fit for congress these days.

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      1. Scottie, I can’t believe all the research you must do to be able to share some of the information about people and events that you do! No wonder your day is filled and you’re exhausted at the end of it!!!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hello Nan. Thank you for noticing. Yes I do spend time looking things up. Especially when I am replying to or making comments on the right wing sites, because I hate to be wrong and give them an opening. As they refuse to look anything up and run only on what the far right has told them. ( Fox, Newsmax, OANN, and Breitbart are the ones I think they listen to. Sometimes I see something Ben Shapiro says. ) Like all day yesterday a person kept forcefully claiming tRump never lost any of the cases about election fraud because they were all dismissed due to lack of standing. I quoted source after source to show that some cases were heard and that even the dismissed cases were either heard or briefed. Nope he wouldn’t accept it. Dismissed for standing means the Judge never read or heard anything the right said they claimed. I replied the judge needed to know what the case was and who was involved if he dismissed it for any reason. Nope the judge just has to say he doesn’t want the case or doesn’t like the person and they can dismiss the case.

          On news stories I tend to go to the linked source if there is one because the quotes can give a wrong idea of the story. I like news alerts so I can get a bunch of stories to choose from when posting them. Yes I have my favorites to post but I do try not to be boring. One thing that helps me is I read so much news that I remember the basics so I can know when something is wrong or I can know what to look up. Like with Boebert I already knew her history because a lot has been written about her. Same with Marge Greene.

          On going to bed tired. I do because it helps me sleep. Also I take medications that make me drowsy and I have a blood sugar issue that causes me to be sleepy at times during the day where I just want to sleep. The last two days I have not finished the roundup until after 7 PM and then when it is done I shut everything down and go to bed. I have to find a way to get more done sooner so I can play the Xbox more or watch a little for fun videos. Right now if I am up after the roundup is done I spend it reading news. I save tabs from one day to try to get to the next day.

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    1. Hello Carmen. That would be something to see wouldn’t it. But what gets me is she is a US congresswoman publicly calling for the invasion of a sovereign nation, during a time when Russia is doing that. So many US congress people talked about what Canada should do, insulted the Prime Minister, ran down the polices of the government and they did all this from the position of their elected office. They did not seem to understand how that was not something that elected lawmakers did. The did not seem to understand it lent an air of us policy to what they said. They did not care if it ruined trade agreements, poisoned the good feelings between the countries. Nope all they cared about was a sound bite for their base on the dreaded saving of lives by introducing public health measures. Anything to rile up the anti-mask / anti-vaccine cult tRump crowd. I hate what passes for being fit for the highest offices in the country. How far have these offices fallen in prestige and standing. I know that these people would be the first to scream back at a Canadian minister / political office holder who was saying stuff against the US polices or laws. These people have the mentality of little children, they need to grow up not be in the US government.

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