Boebert And MTG Heckle Biden During SOTU Address

These trolls are what passes for Republican congress people.   These are the role models for your kids?   These two are what Republicans are today.   Joe Wilson, a confirmed racist, shouted you lie at President Obama during one of his SOTU addresses.   The Republicans loved it.  The Democrats don’t do this, they are adults that respect the chamber, the position of president, and what law makers use to be.  

NBC News reports:

Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., and Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., repeatedly interrupted and interjected during President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address Tuesday night.

Greene was heard grumbling through the entire part of Biden’s speech about Covid policy before she shouted a remark about women’s sports when Biden mentioned new laws targeting transgender Americans and their families.

Boebert and Greene tried to start a “build the wall” chant — a reference to former President Donald Trump’s calls to construct a wall across the U.S. southern border — when Biden referred to securing the border and reforming immigration law.

NPR reports:

Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert heckled President Biden during his State of the Union speech as he was describing the death of his son Beau Biden, an Iraq War veteran who succumbed to brain cancer.

Biden outlined the severe medical symptoms that U.S. troops deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan endured from breathing in toxic fumes from “burn pits,” saying many of the troops developed “a cancer that would put them in a flag-draped coffin.”

“You put them in. Thirteen of them,” Boebert then yelled, referring to the terrorist attack at a gate outside the Kabul airport last summer that killed 13 U.S. service members. The outburst drew immediate and loud boos inside the chamber.

8 thoughts on “Boebert And MTG Heckle Biden During SOTU Address

      1. Hello Polly. I agree they are attention seeking, but I think it is more than that. I think there is a childish need to hurt the other person, to feel superior to the other. The entire own the libs comes from the immaturity of the right. They need each others approval for acting out, and they are egging each other on to even worse acts. This is what passes for elected office holders in the US congress now.


    1. Hello Nan. I see bratty kids in all of them. Entitled bratty kids. They feel they should get away with anything they do. They are like kids that does / says something inappropriate and then turn to their friends looking for high fives and laughs. Doesn’t matter if it is true, what matters is you hurt the other person. My understanding is that the members of congress get an advance copy of the speech. So when Boebert yelled out at Biden she knew he was talking of his son, he was about to name his son that died of brain cancer that may have been caused by the burn pits. She knew it and she did not care about a father’s pain over their dead child, she struck out like a unfeeling kid and then looked to her friends to see if they laughed. Same with Marge Greene, she tried to start a chant “Build the wall” but it failed because the others did not want to play her stupid game. I expect to see this crap out of 9 or 10 year old’s, not elected members of the US congress. I agree these are attention seekers. But online what passes for right wing discourse is insulting the other side. I get called names every time I comment on the sites, but no one offers any facts to refute what I say. The often say things like “if you don’t agree then you are a $%%^% *&&% and a ((&^%%. It is all about the lowest common denominator. This is why people think the Republican base are idiots and stupid, but because online the base acts like it. I have seen Republicans chastise the base right wing and they get attacked also. It is all about owning the other person, insulting them, trying to make them feel bad or upsetting them. If they can make you angry they win. That was what the two heckle hags wanted, to make Biden respond to them, to get the attention, to make the rest of the Democrats angry. BTW did you see Lindsey Graham when Boebert yelled out? He looked to down and said “Shut up” and he looked very unhappy. I notice that before tRump his eyes were clear, now after 5 years of being tRump’s lapdog always on call to defend him Graham’s eyes are always bright red like he has been crying. The rumor was tRump had compromising dirt on Graham, no idea what it was. But Graham was stridently anti-tRump during the 2016 campaign and after tRump won, until tRump invited him to play golf with him. Several hours later Graham gave a press conference as over the top supportive of tRump. What ever happened during that golf game changed both Graham’s out look on tRump and his eyes.


      1. What ever happened during that golf game ,,, — Scottie, I think we both know what happened during that golf game. Mob bosses have their ways.

        BTW, I didn’t watch the speech. We went out that evening and I didn’t turn it on when we got home. I knew there would be beaucoup coverage (and opinions) so I just read the various news articles. (Besides, I hate all the applause breaks.)

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        1. Hello Nan. Ya that game gets tiring and old fast. Remember they get the speech beforehand. At one point Schumer stood up early before Biden got to the punch line to clap. He looked foolish and had to sit back down for another sentence before they all jumped up to clap. He would have looked better to stay standing. Now all the mainstream media (any media not right wing misleading media) is crowing how Biden was super smart to force the Republicans to stand and clap at the beginning of his speech or look like they hated Ukraine and supported Putin. But I can’t stand the hyper partisan on display. We stand & clap for our guy and sit for your guy. It has nothing to do with if the thing being said is good for the country or about the country, just if it is our side or their side. The US is broken as far as I can tell. I am not sure how to fix it. It is like the police situation. There are so many bad apples and even more that support the bad apples. I know there are some good ones, but how to get rid of the bad ones and keep the good ones when the ones with power all the way up to the top are the bad ones? The progressives are crowing that we may gain a seat or two in Texas but at this rate in 100 years we might be able to get a $15 dollar minimum wage passed.

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        2. Hey Nan. On the mob boss thing I agree with you. That stress could explain the changes in Graham. He use to be smiley and jovial, now he is short, curt, hateful, and his eyes are always like he was just crying hard. Did you watch his drunken rant blaming tRump on Jan 6th after the insurrection? But the next day he was back to defending tRump.

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