Liberal Redneck – Boebert and MTG

5 thoughts on “Liberal Redneck – Boebert and MTG

  1. I do hope that the republican party will deal with this, but dead minimum, the congress needs to censure these to idiots for behavior that definitely SHOULD be contrary to the standing of a congressperson. It’s truly sad to think how low people will sink.

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    1. Hello Randy. I am not sure censure is the way to go. Greene has been censured; she had her committee assignments taken away. She brags about it. Uses it as a badge of honor. It gives her more time to be a troll. The leader (if you can call him that) of the Republicans in the House use the censure of their members as propaganda. The Democrats have not been able to stand against the lies and misinformation messaging. So it riles up and outrages the right wing base and looks bad for the Democrats who look elitist and like snowflakes who got their feelings hurt.
      I think the Democrats need to push it hard how childish and unprofessional the Republicans are and how the Democrats are above it working to help the people. Keep pushing what the Democrats are trying to do for the people, working for the people, helping the people, and hammer the Republicans as obstructionist. All of the Democrats have to say the same words in every conversation so that the public gets the idea in their head.

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        1. Hello Nan. Sorry to be repeating what you must have heard me say before until you are sick of me saying it, but I blame it on age. The leadership of the party is in their late 70 to early 90’s. The ones with the most power and who are shaping the message are all thinking this is back in the 1980s / 1990s. They think they are still in their prime and the greats there is. They still think it is the good old boys club and minor littles changes are the way to go. Don’t rock the boat, keep the donors happy. Seriously it is about the donors. It was the donors who got what they wanted from tRump and were tired of his messing up the stock market so they pushed good old Joe, a corporate dem they have known / owned for years. The donors want the tax and regulation breaks of the Republicans and the stability of the Democrats. They hate the idea of the government doing anything for the people and now are trying through Rick Scott to again get rid of social security and Medicare. I have heard it put that the Democrats are paid by the donors to lose but to be just enough of a check on the worst that the fringe Republicans want. The donors want Republicans like McConnell in charge, entirely probusiness, bribable, and do the dirtiest work quietly kind of Republicans. IMO

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