NE Hate Group Forces State Capital’s City Council To Repeal LGBT Rights Ordinance Or Put It To Public Vote

This is the reality many may want to ignore or deny.  There are very vocal motivated religious groups pushing for the right to discriminate and deny daily rights of personhood to the LGBTQ+ people all over the country.  They often win in the smaller contests where they can act and cause fear in local politicians.    They will not stop at just one victory, they are on a mission from their god to declare us, the LGBTQ+ an abomination.  I have 15 of these stories in my cue I want to address over the last three days but until I get the router / computer issues fixed I can only do a few things as far as posting goes.  Why is it Christain to hurt others?  Why is it Christain to deny the other person rights?  Christain’s see rights as a zero sum game if others have some, they lose some.  It is not that way.  There are enough rights to go around if you want to give others’ rights.  But if you want only your group to have rights and the others under your control, then you are like the Christians.   

The Christian Post reports:

An ordinance in Nebraska’s capital city that extends discrimination protections to include sexual orientation and gender identity could be put on the ballot this November or rescinded after referendum petitions garnered four times the needed signatures.

The “Let Us Vote” referendum initiative needed 4,137 signatures, equivalent to 4% of voters in Lincoln. But petitions were signed by more than 18,500 voters in just 15 days, forcing the Lincoln City Council to put the Fairness Ordinance on the ballot or rescind the law, according to the Nebraska Family Alliance.

Read the full article. Photo: Nebraska Family Alliance executive director Karen Bowling.


3 thoughts on “NE Hate Group Forces State Capital’s City Council To Repeal LGBT Rights Ordinance Or Put It To Public Vote

  1. Scottie, it has NOTHING to do with “rights.” Christians have been taught certain things are “sinful” and this idea is constantly reinforced from the pulpit. Thus, they feel it is their “godly” duty to make all the noise they can to convert others to the “holy way.” Even if they have to use laws and/or force to do so.

    The one idea you’ll NEVER find within the Christian community is to Live and Let Live.

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    1. Hello Nan. I agree with you that the religious people feel driven to force others to live by their church doctrines which they think is god’s laws. I disagree that it is not about rights. It is about their right to oppress others and keeping their privilege to discriminate against others, and it is about them denying rights to LGBTQ+ to not be discriminated against. So in my opinion it is entirely about rights. It is about if everyone gets them or just some groups favored by the majority.


      1. You are seeing it from a more political stance … I’m offering the “religious” viewpoint. Since I’ve been there, done that, I have a pretty good idea of how they think and truly, it’s more about following (their interpretation of) the “holy book.”

        Religious politicians see things from an entirely different perspective. They take a more legalistic POV since that’s where their control lies. So yes, for them, it IS about “rights.”

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