6 thoughts on “Trump dealt SERIOUS blow in court by January 6 Committee lawyers | No Lie podcast

  1. One thing about Cohen … he doesn’t make “assumptions” about things. He reports what he knows. Now he may offer opinions and/or comments on news items, but he doesn’t flat-out say this or that is so.

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    1. Hello Nan. Are you saying Beau makes assumptions and doesn’t have the knowledge of what he talks about? While I like both YouTubers I know some of the history of Justin King but nothing about the qualifications of Brian Taylor Cohen? For all I know he could be a political science major, or a high school dropout. But he says what he does with a rapid fire confidence instead of a slower less emphasized pace. Just curious?


      1. Did I mention Beau? No. I was not making a comparison at all. I was simply stating one of the reasons I like Cohen.

        As far as “qualifications,” they matter little to the average individual who watches these people. You know as well as I do that it’s all about whether the individual agrees with that person’s perspective or not. Case in point … Faux News commentators.

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        1. Hello Nan. I am a bit different on why I watch the videos I do. Information. If I know part of it and the person is expanding my knowledge or adding to the specifics of the issues I enjoy the video. For me Cohen is enjoyable because he gives the reasons behind what he said, he lists the examples to show his position is correct. So I may start out agreeing with what he said at the beginning by the end of the video I can list examples of why. And repeat them when challenged. So he may have a video on Ted Cruz is _______. Well I agree with that that, but then Cohen lists why Ted Cruz is that _____________. He breaks down the facts into easy to grasp / remember parts. I just wish he did not talk so fast, rabid fire.

          Now Beau is different for me. When he starts out, I am not sure if I agree with him or not, but I learn stuff. I get a history lesson, or a how to do it lesson, or a why it works this way lesson. I watch them for very different reasons.

          I am getting frustrated with TYT right now. I like and watch three shows on that network. The two hour main news show and the bonus show which has different lengths. The Damage Report which is over an hour, and the Watchlist which is about 48 minutes. But lately all three repeat the same stories. Why? If they want people to watch all the shows then do different videos and stories. I watch to learn, and I don’t learn if they all repeat the same stories.


          1. In answer to your “why’ question — sometimes news programs repeat because audiences watch at different times. Also, consider this — not everyone is as dedicated to news as you!! 😁

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