6 thoughts on “Jen Psaki absolutely DISMANTLES Fox reporter OVER AND OVER

  1. “Inconvenient facts”. Damn.

    Oh, and Scottie;
    Please be careful for your own and your readers care: The Flu is back! The facts, inconvenient as they seem to come, of everyone staying home, wearing a mask, washing their hands, keeping distance over the last year-plus, and the flu was near non-existent. But, like a cat too long without treats, it is back and demanding our attention. Dad got very sick with it this week, and he’s had a flu shot.

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    1. Hi Scottie;
      I wasn’t going to “go here”, because I fear putting the point into print. But, the shill that faux news is… well, it pisses me off.
      First; an attaboy to Jen Psaki for dismantling this question. She saw right through it, and it gave me a whole lot of respect for her.
      Second: The prevalence of leases already open to drill being unfulfilled is not secret. Nor is it that it is a private company doing the drilling, etc. What the weight behind the question really wanted was to lead the story into needing to open more wells in protected areas like the Gulf, Tribal land, Alaska’s permafrost, etc. Dookie tells it like an immediate response to filling the needs for oil, but it would take months to make that happen. This was all about gaining access and damn the consequences to the land, the water, the people.
      In a time when the company that is saying “gee, we really can’t do anything to help on prices” is making record profits and drilling/preparing to drill more than ever, it has – as has been already stated – more about greed than anything. And greed kills.

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      1. Hello Randy. As you say it is the framing of Doocy’s questions, how he words them that is important. He is trying to frame them to get the gotcha Fox wants to use to hammer Biden or the left. So far Psaki has been great at seeing through the questions. Doocy is not concerned about the facts; his goal is a talking point? Because when it gets on Fox they will edit her reply and make it look how they want it. I get it on the right-wing cartoon sites how Biden on day one stopped the us from being energy independent that the great tRump had achieved. It is all a lie but you cannot shake their story with facts. If only Biden would open back up the keystone pipeline 2 (most of them are not smart enough to now there are two pipelines and pipeline one is still running) we would have cheap gas the write constantly. It is a le as Psaki says, the oil is still being transported, the pipeline 2 never carried any oil and it was not slated for the US anyway. I am stunned at the online pro Putin pro Russia talking points and the anti-Ukrainian talking points. Russia’s miss information campaigns to swing public opinion / support away from Ukraine and towards Russia is in full force and working. Did you hear what Cawthorn said? He repeated the Russian talking points about Zelinski being a corrupt thug, producing bioweapons, being both too woke and somehow Nazis. Yes this is the same guy who got honey potted by a Russian spy and was married to her for less than a year. I guess she has enough on him that he still tows the line. Sad to think there are members of the US government owned by foreign enemy governments.

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    2. Oh no Randy. I am sorry to hear that. Give him our best. Unfortunately the flu shots are hit and miss, just guesses of what strain will be the one going through the population that season. Ron and I are still wearing our masks even though most are not. On my way back from a doctor’s visit a few days ago I stopped at a grocery store to get a few things. Only I and one other person were wearing masks. I just told Ron your message. He said today when he went to the grocery store he wore his mask. I guess we will do so for a while more. Even while the maga crowd thinks we are crazy. Thanks for the info and please send our best wishes to your dad.


  2. Why oh why does FOX continue this? There’s a press conference, some silly FOX reporter asks a “gotcha” question, Psaki answers the question coolly and calmly and makes the FOX reporter (usually P. Doocy) look foolish. Every time! Why oh why does FOX even bother?

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    1. Hello Perry. Because it is not about the answer but the sound bit from how the question is framed. Doocy doesn’t care she shoots him down because the question he asked will be asked over and over by the hosts on Fox and her answer wont be played. They will give their own slanted answer the question was framed to elicit. The cult followers of a base will repeat it on social media as a fact and think that again the Republicans proved how bad Biden or the Democrats are. I see it on the right wing cartoon sites, they repeat the Fox / NewMax / OANN talking points as if they are facts written in stone. And trying to convince them that they have the wrong facts is nearly impossible.

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