Televangelist Fasts To Stop People From Being LGBTQ

From the far-right Christian outlet Charisma News:

Lou Engle is helping to send out calls to the body of Christ for prayer and fasting for the LGBTQ community. The call has become known as the Behold the Lamb Fast. This fast, which began Monday, March 7, prompts believers to pray for members of the LGBTQ community. People who participate in this fast will also take communion daily.

The focus of this movement is that the LGBTQ community will behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, and its goal is that the LGBTQ might understand God’s great love for them and Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for them.

Lou has partnered with Jeffrey McCall and Freedom March in past years. Freedom March is a ministry that unites former LGBTQ to share their testimonies in major U.S. cities. The former LGBTQ individuals then march in the downtown of those cities, publicly professing Jesus is Lord.

That would be same Jeffrey McCall who recently confessed on Facebook that he just can’t stop hooking up with multiple men.

As for Lou Engle, he last appeared on JMG in March 2020 when he launched a fast for God to “stretch out his rod of authority” and “rebuke” the coronavirus.

Before that, Engle appeared here when he rallied with Kanye West ahead of leading a Boston “ex-gay march” with, ahem, Jeffrey McCall.

In August 2018, Engle launched a three-day fast to stop witches from blocking Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing before the Senate.

And in 2017, Engle launched a three-day “Esther fast” to stop witches from cursing Donald Trump.

Engle first appeared on JMG in 2012 when he declared that abortions cause tornadoes and that his prayers caused the passage of California’s Proposition 8.

3 thoughts on “Televangelist Fasts To Stop People From Being LGBTQ

    1. Hello Polly. Oh yes he can pray and fast as he likes. He can even lie about the LGBTQ+ and tell others they should believe those lies. But my point is he exists. I use it to point out that the fight for LGBTQ+ equality is far from over. Everyday people like him snip and bite at the rights we have gained in an attempt to either reverse them or make them useless and empty. Gays and lesbians are not as safe and accepted as we like to think. Look at the post I made of the Florida legislator who said that being gay or lesbian was temporary and could be easily changed. I also posted on the guy who was so upset over kids coming out not being ostracized and targeted for abuse that he wrote the don’t say gay bill. It stunned and upset him kids could come out and be accepted. So I am not posting this post to prevent his right to do what he is doing, but to make sure our side knows what these people are up to so we can fight back against them. During the tRump administration the number of people who viewed LGBTQ+ positively reversed for the first time in decades with acceptance among young people having the most loss. Unless the schools can counter the hate preached at home towards the LGBTQ+ then that acceptance will continue to go down, and these haters know that. That is why Putin pushed through the anti-gay bills in Russia and demonized the gays and lesbians. If one side can fill the minds of the people or kids with how bad some group is and that group cannot defend themselves then that group becomes less liked. That was the situation in the 1940 and 1950s. Gays were so stigmatized they couldn’t stand up for themselves, and in some places in the 1960s as the more open younger people started talking about sex openly states made same sex action illegal. But in the 1970’s the gays and lesbians started letting themselves be visible. They demanded it. They came out. And they were given crap for it just like the hater want for the LGBTQ+ to be treated today. Then people realized we were more than just family members, we were co-workers, we were their doctors, lawyers, and friends. And that visibility made us acceptable. The other side realized this technique worked, so they are removing us from visibility. They are taking books about us out of libraries, out of schools, and banning any talk of us. Schools used to hang posters promoting tolerance and they used to display the pride flag, both of those displays are becoming illegal in a lot of states. In Texas and Florida and possibly now Oklahoma, it is illegal for a teacher to show support for an LGBTQ+ student but instead they are now required to treat them as enemies by ratting them out to their parents who they may be hiding their situation from. So instead of a child confiding to a teacher that they are gay or trans and getting support, they must now keep it hidden from them. What is worse kids who could confide in their teacher about something so personal as LGBTQ+ would also feel safe telling the teacher about their abuse at home. That will not happen now as the kids won’t see the teacher as a trusted ally. Another thing is teachers could be gay or lesbian role models when the kids knew the teacher was gay or in a same gender marriage. Now the teacher cannot tell the kids they are in such a marriage and kids will know that all married teachers are straight. This is what these people have for their real goals. And right now they are winning. It is scary. Be well.


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