The router saga continues

The situation with the routers I thought was solved.  I was unhappy but about to get even more unhappy.   I opened programs and started adjusting setting on them.   And hit a road block the size of a tank.   On my browser I got the message that a third party organization was now in control of my browser settings.  If you know me at all you know I cannot tolerate not having full control of my computers.    So first I tracked down what the warning meant.   It means a security setting was changing how my browsers were acting and what they would display.   So in this case I had added two new security programs, one on the router I then cancelled but it wouldn’t stop until Apr 6th and the VPN I use had added a safety protocol add on that also was to prevent some of the very things the router added security did.    Again some of that was done by sending all your traffic through their servers so they could monitor the addresses of where you went to make sure they were not on a malicious site list .    I take my web surfing privacy seriously.   To the point I wont let my ad blocker down even to access news / cartoon sites.   I have three anti-tracker programs to block and trackers and then to find and delete any that get through.   There is somethings you have to let happen and get through in order to surf the web, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave them on your system when you are done.   

So what to do.   I clearly couldn’t use the new router until after the 6th of April.   I also needed to shut down the VPN add on.    There was only one way to ensure it was fixed correctly.  Yesterday morning I removed the new router and hooked up the old one.    Hey the Russian hack was causing me less problems than the new router and my own security apps were.    But a weird thing happened.   When I went into the router settings, and I had full control again.  I could set the settings I wanted to set the way I wanted them.   Interesting.   Was the fact that it was offline for several days so couldn’t contract its control network what cleared it?   I thought I had unplugged it several times but maybe I did not?    Or maybe I did not leave it unplugged long enough?   Or was it something on my computers feeding that setting lock out.    I did not know but it is still working correctly even today.   Which makes me happy, but sets up more questions.   Do I switch routers after April 6th?   

So now I needed to reset everything one more time.   So first I put the Windows USB in the video computer, restarted it coming up on the USB drive.   I put the blogging computer into recovery mode / environment and set it up to do the factory wipe and install.  Waited for that to be done on each.  When they were done I went through the settings in the control panel and then the Windows settings menus.   I renamed the computers.   Hours slowly creeped by.  I listened to podcasts while I worked.   Then the going online to update Windows and install all the security and other programs.   More hours went by.   With Windows, between each set of upgrades the computers had to be restarted and the settings checked again.     But late yesterday about 7 PM I had the computers loaded and checked.   I was happy with the installs and the way the programs were working.    But there was still work to be done.  I had to run the defrag program I prefer and not only defrag the programs but the free space as well.  I also had to move files from storage on the hard drives.   So I set that to happen and took my sore tired body to bed.   I got up at 4:30 to write this and get started on some posting.   I have to go this morning to have my eyes again checked.   The doctor was not happy with something happening in my left eye.  So Ron has to go with me.   My eyes will be dilated.  So when I get home my posting will have to wait until I can see again.   I may lose this entire day again.   Sunday through Wednesday lost, and Friday morning will be taken up with the driver’s license renewal.  

And now to start again.   

6 thoughts on “The router saga continues

  1. What you’ve written today sounds encouraging and I hope things continues to go forward in a positive way.

    Sidenote: I know you enjoy and are deeply devoted to your news roundup, but I hardly think anyone is going to fault you for missing a few days. Especially under the circumstances! AND that you’re keeping everyone posted.

    Anyway, fingers crossed 🤞 that all gets back to normal by week’s end.

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    1. Hello Nan. Thank you. I took today to answer the comments (and do a huge pile of laundry that appeared in the laundry area and I checked they are all mine and Ron’s clothes. Somehow they had a cloak of invisibility this last week) After my license appointment in the morning I hope to start working on a new roundup. The problem is there is a week back up. I am going to have to limit myself to only the newest and most on spot ones or the thing will be 20 hours long just to read. And today I have been long winded in the replies, maybe because I have not been arguing with right wing nuts all week. And I have to admit while I don’t miss the frustrations, I do miss correcting misinformation and looking stuff up. It looks like everything is fixed. After April 6th I have to decide if to try the new router or not. While it doesn’t have the security controls I like to manually adjust it is a newer router with faster transmission rates and more powerful broadcasting power. I will try using it again, but if it messes up I will be looking for a much better router.

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