Kids in foster care who’d been victims of sex trafficking endured fresh abuse at a state shelter, report says

The children were sexually abused and neglected while at The Refuge, a facility located in Bastrop contracted by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, according to a report from a current employee.

Heart Galleries — portraits of adoptable children — on display at the Child Protective Services office at the Texas Departme…

I am struggling.  I read this earlier and got triggered.   I have been fighting flash backs since.   I tried to lay down to get control but that made it worse.   I am getting worse right now, starting to tear up.  So while I have a lot of news tabs open and the email machine is full of posts I want to read, I am shutting down both computers.    No more videos, no more news, no more stories of Republicans using kids lives and their sexual identities as props to rile up their base and win elections.   I am going to take some medications to calm me and make me sleepy, then I am going to turn on my Xbox and play the new Halo.  In there I am a powerful here winning the war against the bad guys.    Night


10 thoughts on “Kids in foster care who’d been victims of sex trafficking endured fresh abuse at a state shelter, report says

  1. Be well, Scottie! Enjoy Halo. Bless you for all your hard work. Hey, I think I’m gonna bake some bread tomorrow. Maybe you’ll feel like that, too! Have you ever watched Jenny Can Cook on YouTube? She’s hilarious, and a good human. Have a good weekend.

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    1. Hello Ali. The bread sounds great, but we have lots of bread right now. The guys put a big corn beef brisket in the slow cooker, I am not sure if I am having a steak or hot roast beef sandwiches with gravy. I have only one goal other than doing the roundup, and that is restoring James’ knife set. He bought a nice set and the roommates he had destroyed them. I think I can refurbish them. But it will take a couple of hours at least. Ron and James watch cooking shows, I get frustrated and bored by them, and start looking for news. You have a great weekend also.

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  2. Also holy s–t. Whenever this sort of thing happens it reminds me of when we had Gov. Brownback, who cut family and social services almost to death and privatized the rest. He’d always say he wanted Kansas to follow in the footsteps of Texas. shudder

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    1. Hello Ali. Ya, scary but in the mind of the Republicans profit matters more than people. They seem driven to give the entire government functions / services to private businesses to make a profit regardless of how negatively it impacts the people served. The haves seem to want the have nots to be totally controlled and desperate. They do not see the lower incomes as deserving of anything positive. They do not see the lower incomes as the same quality of human as them. But back to the idea that making a profit off human misery is something I don’t understand. The idea of for-profit prisons and prison slave labor is one example, excessive costs of cheaply made medical drugs is another. But that is because the majority of politicians are owned by the well off upper incomes who want more wealth and do not care about the suffering of the people.

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    1. Thanks brother. Restless night but feeling stronger. I was torn up for a while. I was making stupid mistakes in Halo as I couldn’t think right, keep them on the game. But as I said I am doing better today. Thank you. I hope you have a great weekend.

      When I went to the DMV yesterday, I was one of about five in a crowded room with a mask. But I remembered what you wrote about your dad and I did not need to get sick. As you know every time I go out around people I catch something. Best wishes brother.

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        1. Hello Randy. It is. For me it is the focusing the mind completely on a fast paced goal. Killing the other side before they manage to kill you, find all the goodies, and the real world need not intrude. But as much as I love the game, I cannot play it all the time. There is work to do. The roundup awaits.

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    1. Hello Ten Bears. I agree. For profit harming of others. I struggle to understand the concept. As I mentioned to Ali the idea the upper incomes seem to have is the lower incomes are not fully people and do not deserve anything. The upper incomes seem to want the government to only serve them, but to never work for the lower incomes who must be kept poor and desperate so they will accept any low wage and working conditions. The unemployment system in Florida worked great under the Democratic administration. Then Jeb Bush became governor and went on a spree to privatize all government functions including the unemployment department. It was stripped of any assistance to the people to find work, people who worked for the department lost their jobs. The state now paid money to a company who set up a few small places where the people would come in and to a row of computers to try to use them to find work. There was not instructions and no one to assist. The only staff was a security guard to protect the computers. So the people suffered and a company got rich off state money. The Republican way.

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