Rep. Madison Cawthorn crosses all the way into slandering Nancy Pelosi in latest video


Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn is to Congress as Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert is to Congress: reprehensible. This past week, Cawthorn was recorded telling an audience that Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was “a thug,” and the Ukrainian government was “evil.” His willingness to boldly, inarticulately, and ignorantly say idiotic and offensive things is arguably his only talent.

On Friday, a new video surfaced of Rep. Cawthorn stumping away in front of a GOP-friendly audience. The clip is from a section where Cawthorn goes after Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi has been a favorite target of the right for decades and Cawthorn choosing to use one of the leaders of the Democratic Party as a focal point for an attack isn’t new or surprising. The fact that Cawthorn’s attack on Pelosi is baseless isn’t even newsworthy, as most political attacks from the right these days are based almost entirely in a make-believe world of ‘deep state’ fake news controlled by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and George Soros.

What is newsworthy is that Rep. Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina apparently decided to slander Speaker Pelosi in a way that truly begs the question: What the hell is going on with Madison Cawthorn?


In the video, Cawthorn makes the partisan hack joke that Nancy Pelosi only has rules for others, and not for herself (likely something connected to the MAGA-bugaboo of mask mandates). He then jokes, “I’ll tell you, I have to work with her every day so please do pray for me.” He gets a light spatter of laughter as the audience realizes this is the high level of humor they’re going to get during today’s speech from this racist asshole.

But then Cawthorn says this: “The theories of alcoholism are very true and it’s very sad.” Cawthorn seems to be referencing “theories” that were not simply debunked but proven impossible. The Theories date back to the summer of 2020 when a doctored video of Pelosi, which slowed down her speech to make her sound drunk and slurred, was posted on Facebook and went viral among the kind of people Madison Cawthorn likes to fundraise off of. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Speaker Pelosi doesn’t drink but conservatives have spread the rumor that she was into drinking—not unlike a former Republican speaker of the House.

What is going on with Madison Cawthorn? This is the kind of truly wild and baseless claim that falls under most legal definitions of slander. Unlike parody, this statement by Cawthorn, after specifically referencing that he works with Pelosi “every day,” suggests he has real information that Nancy Pelosi has a substance abuse problem with alcohol. The joke Cawthorn made about Pelosi was not that she was drunk, but that she was Nancy Pelosi and Republicans dislike Nancy Pelosi and her elitism and therefore you need to pray for Madison Cawthorn to have the patience to work with such an insufferable person. Subsequently saying that the “theories” of her alcoholism are “very true and very sad” is saying she is literally an alcoholic.

Politics is one of the many professions that attracts pathological narcissists. Recent years have shown that some of those narcissists have a tendency to not simply be liars but to project their deepest anxieties and darknesses upon others. Cawthorn’s relentless statements about Democratic officials and Democrats in general do make one wonder: What the hell is going on with Madison Cawthorn?

This is just one more reason on top of many well-logged reasons that show why Rep. Madison Cawthorn should not be in Congress.


10 thoughts on “Rep. Madison Cawthorn crosses all the way into slandering Nancy Pelosi in latest video

    1. Hello Nan. Big time. But people think this was a nice young guy who got into an accident and ended up crippled. Nope. He was a total asshole thug elitist from day one. It is hard to find much real information about his parents and early life as it has been highly scrubbed and edited. Here is what I can show is true.

      He was home schooled by Christian parents. His father is a financial advisor for Edward Jones and he managed Mark Meadows money, the one who held the seat Cawthorn is in now. No record of any career of his mother. He attended one year of a non-denomination Christian school and did not graduate. During that year he was accused of sexual assault by quite a few women and the female students were warned to avoid him. In August 2020, during his campaign for Congress, several women accused him of sexually aggressive behavior, sexual misconduct, and sexual assault.

      At 18 he was in a car accident when a car driven by his best friend hit a concrete barrier and Cawthorn had his feet on the dash. Records from police, fire department personnel and reporters said his friend risked his life to drag Cawthorn to safety, but later Cawthorn would claim his friend left him there to die. There was a large insurance settlement. In their depositions, Cawthorn stated that he had “no memory from the accident”, while Ledford said that he had helped rescue an unconscious Cawthorn. In the same 2017 speech, Cawthorn declared that he was “declared dead on the scene” of the accident, but the official accident report listed Cawthorn as “incapacitated”. The injuries from the accident left Cawthorn partially paralyzed, and he now uses a wheelchair. He said he accrued $3 million in medical debt during his recovery; he has received that amount as settlement from an insurance company, as well as other payments, and as of February 2021 is seeking $30 million more.

      Mark Meadows nominated him for the air force academy, but they turned him down. Before his accident. But Cawthorn claims he was accepted but then couldn’t go because of becoming crippled.

      At 19 he started a weird real estate holding company that lists only him as an employee and claims no income. Sounds shady as hell. Seems he was wanting to get into money laundering like his hero tRump.

      He claimed he was accepted into Harvard in a 2015 deposition, again another lie. In 2017 he admitted in a deposition that was a lie.

      He tells a crazy story about him and friends going to someplace near Russia, sneaking across the border to an illegal gambling place, where he met a retired US Army Colonel that he made friends with. A short time later he got a call from this retired Army Colonel who wanted him to come to Florida for a triathlon event even though Cawthorn was in a wheelchair. That is where he met this woman from Russia he fell in love with and married a month or so later. Then he won his election in a surprise victory. The marriage lasted less than a year during which Cawthorn has become a major asshole maga cult member who attacks Democrats in the most vicious ways while attacking any attempt to mitigate Covid or use precautions. He is as crazy as Marge Greene and Boebert. I understand his wife did her job and got all the dirt on him as his public statements are slamming Ukrainian President Zelinski and praising Putin.

      OT. I have wasted away the entire day. Let me explain. Yesterday I got up at midnight and worked until 8 last night on getting the new router and the printer to work together. I had a printout from the printer saying it was on my network, but no computer would see it. Nothing I did seemed to matter. So being very frustrated I set my main computer up on the router settings and asked James if he wanted to try figuring it out. About five minutes after going to bed I heard Ron exclaim how did you do it? So I got up. James told me he just put the password for the network back into the printer. I showed him the printer print out. He couldn’t explain it. I went back to bed. This morning I installed the printer program and figured after I did the comments, I could do a roundup. it never happened. My sugar sea sawed all day since breakfast. My own fault. Knowing how I had been up and sleepless for all those hours I should have stuck to only proteins. Instead, I had a new special K cereal that Ron bought. That was a mistake, all day my blood sugar has been soaring and crashing all day. I have spent more time in bed than up. So, no roundup until morning.

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      1. Thanks for the background. (You really do a LOT of research! No wonder your days are full!)

        OT — Your online dedication is not helping your health. Think about it.

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        1. Hello Nan. I enjoy doing the research. It was interesting that pages on him were either pandering sites or scrubbed of information that was negative of him. I did find out one thing I did not add because I found it only one place and it was from Chris Hayes on MSNBC who said that Cawthorn was to be the rights answer to AOC. He was thought to be young, good looking / photogenic, brash enough, in your face enough, smart enough, and white enough. They thought he would be good on TV interviews and on social media. They got fooled didn’t they.

          I am working with my pain doctor to get me walking and moving more. The sitting is causing me issues it was not before. But with movement comes more pain. So they are increasing my shots and upping my muscle relaxers in the hope it will make doing more easier. If that is what you are refering to?


          1. Well, pretty much. I don’t know ALL your aches and pains and health problems, but just from what you’ve shared, it seems that the days when you’re most active on the network/computer, your various and sundry health problems pop up. Remember that old saying … Moderation in all things. 👍

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    1. Hi Scottie;
      I think it would be good to read this entire tweet conversation done by Titus. I think you would like it, find it fulfilling, and I think others would too should you choose to post the entire thing.


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