Herschel Walker Skeptical Of Evolution: ‘Why Are There Still Apes? Think About It’


Remember this is the person that tRump is endorsing to replace Senator Warnock from Georgia.   

The former NFL player, who is now running for Senate in Georgia, gets some basic facts wrong.
Former President Donald Trump has endorsed Herschel Walker's Senate bid in Georgia.
Former President Donald Trump has endorsed Herschel Walker’s Senate bid in Georgia. 

Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker cast doubt on the theory of evolution in recent remarks, saying the fact that apes and humans coexist disproves accepted science.

“At one time, science said man came from apes, did it not? … If that is true, why are there still apes? Think about it,” Herschel said in an appearance at Sugar Hill Church in Georgia on Sunday.

“Now you’re getting too smart for us, Herschel,” lead pastor Chuck Allen responded.

Walker is currently the front-runner in the GOP contest to challenge Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) in November. He’s a former NFL star who has the endorsement of former President Donald Trump, and he’s outspoken about his Christian faith.


Walker is hardly the first GOP candidate who has run for office questioning evolution.

Humans did not evolve from the apes that you see at the zoo. Rather, humans and apes have a common (and now extinct) ancestor that lived roughly 10 million years ago. Technically, all humans are apes, but that doesn’t mean that chimpanzees are one step away from becoming people. Walker’s summary of evolution is incorrect, and there’s nothing incompatible about humans coexisting with other apes.

Evolution and Christianity also aren’t necessarily at odds, and a number of prominent Christians have said it is possible to believe in both God and the science of evolution.

The Walker campaign didn’t respond to a request for additional comment.

Walker further dismissed scientific progress, saying science “can’t do” the “conception of a baby.”

“They’re still trying to do that, but they can’t, because there has to be a God,” he said.

Science has, of course, made remarkable progress over the years in assisting people trying to have children, with methods like in vitro fertilization.

Walker remains the front-runner in the race despite facing domestic violence allegations.

In their divorce proceedings, his ex-wife alleged that he displayed “physically abusive and threatening behavior” during their marriage. In one instance, she said, he pointed a gun at her head and said, “I’m going to blow your … brains out.”

Two other women have also claimed that Walker threatened them.

In a December interview with Axios, Walker said he has struggled with mental health issues and is “accountable” for his past actions, without going into specifics about his behavior toward his ex-wife.

7 thoughts on “Herschel Walker Skeptical Of Evolution: ‘Why Are There Still Apes? Think About It’

    1. Hello inspiredbythedivine1. Did you see the videos of his self-centered shit of a son who filmed short clips of his entitled self saying really stupid things in support of Republicans and claiming that he had a right to be a wealthy prick because his parents worked hard for their money. He is an adult by the way. Totally clueless gay shit who thinks his money will save him when the Republicans come for him also. So the dumb runs in the family. No word if the mother has it also

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      1. Didn’t know that. Maybe his son and Lindsey graham can hook up and get married. Two dumb ass idiotic gay Republicans who are working for the genocide of of other gays because they think their own wealth will somehow protect them when the grim reaper of the GOP’s ax comes swinging for their heads. Fucking idiots.

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    1. Hello Nan. I am wondering how he reconciles his religious faith with his openly flaming gay son? The son who feels he is entitled to the life of a wealthy rich kid / guy because his parents are rich. His words. He deserves it because his parents are rich. I wonder if Walkers God gave him a special dispensation?

      The fact is the only reason they are pushing walker to run is he is black, Republican, and religious and the guy they are trying to unseat is a black religious leader / Pastor. That is the only reason they want walker and if he wins this time he will be replaced by a white Republican next time.

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