President Zelensky to Canadian parliament: You all need to do more

If you watch or read nothing else I post, watch this. I have been watching it with the CC on and it is very good. After watching it ask yourself, if this was your country and your prime minister or president begging for help, how much good would the moral high ground do you? How much is it worth the deliberate targeting of civilians, the pregnant women and the scared children for you to say you are saving the possible deaths of others as these people die in front of us. If you are pro-life, a birthing hospital was deliberately targeted. Is that not the definition of your most evil acts? We play with money, while these people are paying with their lives. It sickens me as a former US military person, as a proud US citizen, that with all the money we spend to profit the industrial military complex denying our people the benefits of government that other countries have to support a bloated military, we are letting this happen. Either use the might we have to save lives, or cut the damn military budget in half, because it appears they are useless.

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