2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about foreign policy’s new normal and anti-Russian sentiment….

  1. Scottie, I listened to his entire video related to Russia’s next mistake … and I have to say, he might have a point.

    However, this one and the other one you shared? I tried … but I just can’t. I know many think he has his finger on the heartbeat of politics and/or the world situation — and maybe he does — but to me, he’s depressing. (I know. I’m not sharing anything new.)

    Even though I’ve gotten more interested in politics over the last few years, sometimes I just want to “turn it off.” I don’t want to hear someone’s opinion. I want to form my OWN opinion based on the information that I personally have come across.

    Anyway … you’re heard all this before. I just had to rant a bit.

    Moving on …

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    1. Hello Nan. Somehow your comment disappeared off my list. It shows here but not on the listed comments. Weird. Anyway I wanted to just let you know it is OK to rant. I do sometimes. My problem is different than yours, mine is I do not want to turn it off. I want that last bit long after I should let it go or do something else. For me there is always one more story to read, one more bit of news to try to absorb. Some thing more to understand. I need to set limits and go play Halo or watch a non-news show. I need to work on it. Glad I found the comment again. I remember seeing it, but I think when I switched screens and started typing the keyboard may have still been on the wrong screen for a few seconds before it caught up and that may have made the comment go away. It did not go to trash or spam, it just disappeared off the list.

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