Republicans TRAMPLE On Women’s Rights AGAIN

A female is an incubator, not a person, not a human, just a womb for the issue of a man

4 thoughts on “Republicans TRAMPLE On Women’s Rights AGAIN

  1. Once again the IDIOTS rule. And as I’ve mentioned previously, the county I live in wants to become part of this IDIOT state!! 😡🤬🤮❗

    I wonder how many WOMEN are in Idaho’s governing body … ??

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      1. There’s always been an undercurrent of that going back almost a hundred years to the State of Jefferson (great band!). My grandparents were pretty open about their Atheist Democratic Socializm, fruit-pickers and union-organizers going back a hundred years; funny how they would clam up when you mention the State of Jefferson. I don’t think anyone was serious then and I don’t anyone is serious now, it’s a strawman to justify delinquent behavior. Beer-drinking bullshit; bellicose, bullying, belittling bozos venting spleen at their inadequacies’.

        To put it in an Old Logger’s perspective, it’s the sort of stuff you hear the mill-rats bitch about down at the bar …

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    1. Hello Nan. Did you catch the part where they were talking about the Republican who was pushing these anti-abortion bills had his mistress and wife have abortions? So it is another case of the law punishes you but is not for me as I am important. I hate that so many laws and those that make them think they are exempt from the laws they make for us to live under.

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