BLOOMBERG: In a chilling threat, Putin vows to rid Russia of “traitors”

In a chilling threat, Putin vows to rid Russia of “traitors”
Russia’s president warned he would cleanse the country of the “scum and traitors” he accuses of working covertly for the U.S. and its allies.

Read in Bloomberg:

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4 thoughts on “BLOOMBERG: In a chilling threat, Putin vows to rid Russia of “traitors”

  1. The article states Many abandoned homes and careers to seek shelter in (other) countries …

    Can you imagine having to leave your home (and probably many of your possessions) and literally run for your life simply because of your beliefs? And while all this is going on, Americans quibble and fight over vaccines and climate change and sexual preferences and lost elections … and … and … and …

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    1. Hello Nan. That stood out to me also. Because I was thinking of all the people in the US that are screaming freedom when asked to wear a mask or get a vaccine. It violates their freedom, they are calling the US a tyrannical government, claiming tyranny in the US. Yet they are vocally supporting Putin and Russia where the people cannot speak their thoughts on anything that disagrees with the government propaganda, or they face 15 years in prison. Imagine it, talk against the Covid protocols, claim Covid is a hoax, claim ivermectin works but vaccines don’t claim masks don’t work … any of the misinformation they shout all day on right wing media and social media would land them in jail for 15 years. Russia grabs people off the street and conscripts them into the military, the freedom lovers in the US still support Putin. The only information on TV, written news, and the internet as much as the government can is the government’s view. Again think how these people scream the Covid news is fake and speak against Dr. Fauci, all that is punishable by 15 years now in Russia, how is that for freedom. The weird thing is they support Russia due to their bigotry and hate, the overt in government power of the Russian Christian church, and they really do not care if they have freedom or not. They just want their emotional fix. The rage emotion high.

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      1. ABSOLUTELY! To all that you wrote.

        But as we’ve noted before, these are devoted followers. Any common sense they may have had was long ago turned over to their Pied Piper Leader, before whom they grovel and bootlick and push and shove in their efforts to be first in line.

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