Man Who Says Gays Are Controlled By Demonic Spirits Complains About “Intolerance To Different Viewpoints”

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

Kristen Waggoner doesn’t get usually get nervous. As one of Alliance Defending Freedom’s top attorneys, she’s argued before the Supreme Court, tackled high-profile cases, and spoken in front of her share of hostile crowds. But something about her visit to Yale University Law School last week felt different. “I can count on about one hand when I get really anxious before something.”

This was one of those moments. Walking into a room filled with a raging student mob didn’t just mean she was in danger — it meant the culture of free speech in higher education was on the verge of complete collapse. But obviously, the students at Yale were never taught about the free exchange of ideas, because the minute Waggoner was introduced, the crowd rose in unison — yelling and holding vile signs about ADF.

When the moderator, a Yale professor, tried to control the situation — reminding students about the campus’s rule to let speakers be heard — the crowd turned on her. As a nation — and the education revolution we’re witnessing is part of this — we have to get back to promoting the free exchange of ideas.

The quote in the headline of this post comes from Perkins’ interview below with Waggoner. The clip is cued up to that moment.

2 thoughts on “Man Who Says Gays Are Controlled By Demonic Spirits Complains About “Intolerance To Different Viewpoints”

  1. As you know, I have mixed feelings about the LGBTQ, etc. movement, but I certainly don’t base my thoughts and/or opinions on the BIBLE!!

    What’s infuriating is that “holy men” like Perkins, et al, are so busy screaming against these people they totally ignore the sexual antics that are going on right under their noses among people in their congregations!!

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    1. Hello Nan. Perkins was one of the biggest supporters of tRump. Yes he who talks about how immoral the LGBTQ+ are, but he loved him the most immoral of all people. It is transactional, how can he benefit from it, how can he gain.

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