Week after ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill gains passage in Florida, similar law proposed in Louisiana


And it is spreading.   Once Republicans get away with curtailing people’s rights they try to do it everywhere.  Like anti-abortion bills they spread everywhere the Republicans are in charge.  The anti-voter legislation also.   Now it is the don’t say gay bills.  Notice that each one goes a step further than the last, as they do with the anti-abortion bills and the anti-voter bills.   This one includes the 12th grade because 18 year olds are too young to know gays exist.  Shades of Russia.   These bills just make it harder for young people to get the information they need and see role models that are like themselves.   This is mass produced attempt to roll back the clock on the progress of the LGBTQ+ rights.   Hey we can get married, we are just not allowed to tell people we are married, especially if kids are around.  Will same sex couples be able to put pictures of their families up along with the straight couples.   See the thing these bills forget to mention is kids from birth on are surrounded and immersed in heterosexuality.   Straight couples everywhere, pictures, on TV, in magazines.  It is like racism, kids see it all around them and just learn that is the way things are.    Why not the same with same sex families?   Why separate them out to hide?  It has nothing to do with protecting kids and everything to do with trying to prevent kids from understanding it is normal.     These religious groups lost the culture wars so far, but they won the elections so the can make the LGBTQ+ disappear as much as possible.   This won’t stop kids from being LGBTQ+ as that happens in the womb.  It won’t stop kids from feeling what they feel.   LGBTQ+ is not a fad, it is not rebelling against the parents.   And it seems bigotry and hate won’t ever stop.  I have been fighting this same shit from religious driven people all my life from my teens on.   Notice the lawmaker kept saying her Pastor pushed her to do this.  Her religious leader is putting his hates and church doctrine into secular laws.   


Week after ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill gains passage in Florida, similar law proposed in Louisiana

By: Jeremy Krail

Just over a week after Florida legislators passed a controversial bill regulating the discussion of sexual orientation in classrooms, a Louisiana lawmaker has submitted a similar proposal. 

The bill, submitted by Representative Dodie Horton, would “prohibit discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity” in K-8 classes and keep instructors from discussing their own sexual orientation or gender identity with students in grades K-12. 

“I wasn’t aware of the need [for this legislation] until I looked at some things on Twitter and Facebook,” Horton told WBRZ Thursday. “It just solidified for us to protect our Louisiana children, as well.”

The proposal echoes recent legislation passed in Florida—coined the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by its opponents—that stirred up controversy nationwide and was harshly criticized by pro-LGBTQ groups.

Horton, a Bossier Parish Republican, said the Florida law spurred her bill. 

“I started to pray about how we could protect our children here from inappropriate conversations until they are able to dissect it and old enough to understand it,” Horton explained. “I talked to my pastor and he challenged me and said, ‘we definitely need to do this.'”

Governor John Bel Edwards’ office released the following statement in response to the bill, reiterating comments made by the governor during Monday’s State of the State address. 

“Some of the bills being brought up this session do nothing to make lives better. Nothing to continue moving us forward. They only serve to divide us. And frankly, some are reminiscent of a dark past that we should learn from, not relive.”


5 thoughts on “Week after ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill gains passage in Florida, similar law proposed in Louisiana

  1. Scottie, you wrote … trying to prevent kids from understanding it is normal.

    You have to realize that many –both religious AND non-religious– do NOT think it’s normal. Even people who are not Christian are uncomfortable about it because for MANY years it’s been “in the closet” and NOBODY talked about it. IOW, it’s going to take time.

    I do agree, however, that the noise the religious community is making certainly isn’t helping.

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    1. Hello Nan. The bill in the Tenn. says right in the reason for the bill is that the LGBTQ+ offends Christians. They want to remove my rights and information about people like me because they are offended. Nan their belief in the supernatural offends me. I am a science believer. Their disbelief in science offends me, do I get to have a bill removing books and information about their god from libraries and schools? Can I have a law that they cannot talk about it in front of kids?

      Nan there were religious groups that do not think the races should be allowed to mix. The Oral Roberts University is one that had to be forced to allow the white and black students to date or lose their funding. Do they get a bill to remove all the stories and information about mixed race couples from the schools and libraries?

      Some religious groups do not think a woman should have a place of authority, especially not over men. Do they get a bill … You get the point.

      It is not right that the political structure of half the states in the US is removing and erasing a group of people and their legal standing because they don’t like them. I am sorry but that same sex married teacher has as much right to let the kids he teaches know he is married as a straight teacher does. This is not a theocracy … yet. And yes this is personal. It is my rights, my existence they are trying to make go away. All in the name of their Jesus.

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