Ukraine Says Russia Bombed School Sheltering 400

The Associated Press reports:

Ukrainian authorities said Sunday that Russia’s military bombed an art school sheltering some 400 people in the port city of Mariupol, where heavy street fighting is underway weeks into a devastating Russian siege.

The strike on the art school was the second time in less than a week that local officials reported an attack on a public building where Mariupol residents had taken shelter. A bomb hit a theater where more than 1,000 people were believed to be sheltering on Wednesday.

City officials and aid groups have described dire conditions in Mariupol, where food, water and electricity have run low and the fighting has prevented humanitarian convoys from reaching the city.

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6 thoughts on “Ukraine Says Russia Bombed School Sheltering 400

    1. Hello Nan. No disrespect to your other half but that is not it IMO. I know you hate Beau but I posted his video on why the Russians are bombing the Ukrainian city Mariupol. Russia wants the people to leave or die. They cannot go block by block home to home to drive them out. They don’t have enough people to hold the cities and control a population. They want the things that made Ukraine a thriving nation for Russia. As James told me Putin would love to relocate his own people to these places to take over just like Chine did in areas they were having ethnic trouble with. The new loyal population overwhelms the existing population and acts to force them to follow the government line. Right now Putin has a serious issue. Ukraine is a very large country. The people are showing not only much more resistance than he thought they would, but more military skill than his own army has. He is now saying he will negotiate. He will try to keep the eastern part of Ukraine, a large chunk of the country, giving him a connected land mass from Russia through the two areas he declared independent that he will add to Russia down to Crimea which gives him the seaport. Then after the dust settles he will continue to do what he did in those other areas that works so well in the US, format dissention and political unrest until he can just get them to give him more parts of the country or keep them from having a successful country with deep western ties.

      Putin is bitter right now. He is surrounded by yes men, the kind tRump wanted around him. They know what he wants to hear and tell him that. It works for a short time but not during a war. He has started a purge. Higher ranking military officers are being detained and so are a few of the Oligarchs who Putin feels are less loyal than they should be. Either he is spinning out of control, or he is digging his control in deeper. Time will tell. But he is not doing scorched earth, he cannot afford to. Too many high end profit making is done in Ukraine. Like a neon derivative that is used in making computer chips. The two biggest pants to make the stuff were in the Ukraine.


      1. I read your reply to him and he said he did agree with some of what you wrote, but not everything. He added that it’s too bad you and he can’t still down together and have a rousing discussion over a couple of beers! 😀

        Of course, from MY perspective, you give too much credit to Beau. Yes, he’s smart and he offers some provocative opinions and ideas, but he does NOT have all the answers to the woes of the world. He’s just one voice among many.

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        1. Hello Nan. As are we all, just one voice among many. The original motto of the United States was “E Pluribus Unum” (Latin for “one from many”. Your husband has got me thinking about something. In all the news I read or hear on Ukraine I see a lot of apartment buildings destroyed, malls destroyed, many hospitals attacked. But very few government buildings, especially in the capital, and no factories or plants that make things. No factories and production plants have been reported hit as far as I know. I read that the derivative from NEON that is used in making chips comes from Ukraine, it is vital but not hit? Same with nickel used in batteries. That was not hit. I find that very suggestive of Putin’s motives. Just something I am thinking on in the back of my mind. I think he wants to have Ukraine return to full production as soon as possible and maybe pay Russia a tribute or reparations. Just as the USSR took the wealth and products of Ukraine and the satellite countries and sent them to Russia I think Putin is going to follow that model.

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          1. I trust you know that “e Pluribus Unum” got changed — The modern motto of the United States of America, as established in a 1956 law signed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, is ” In God we trust “. (Wikipedia) YUK!

            Anyway, you make some good points. I guess none of us will know for sure until it’s all said and done (the sooner the better!!) and we can look back on all that happened and see what fits.

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