Evangelicals Send Doomsday Tracts To Ukrainian Kids

Kevin Davis reports at Only Sky:

Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) is at it again, this time providing Ukrainian children with something they already have an abundance of – fear.

It’s no revelation that CEF, who runs the predatory Good News Clubs in schools and churches across the US and abroad, takes advantage of every opportunity to proselytize to children and convert them to fundamentalist Christianity through fear and candy bribes.

What they’re doing now, and celebrating through their recent announcement, is “caring for Ukrainian children” primarily by providing them with a booklet called, “Do You Wonder Why? Answers to Tough Questions.”

From the CEF’s website:

“Do You Wonder Why? Answers to Tough Questions” is in both the Ukrainian language and the languages of every border country, including Russia. The children in those countries also are seeing this tragedy and have questions about why bad things happen.

310,000 copies have already been printed and distributed in 11 countries. A friend of a CEF worker spotted a mother reading it to her son on a train in Poland 300 km from the Ukrainian border.

We’re assembling 100,000 simple backpacks with the booklet above and other gospel resources. Church partners are adding a toy, candy and food.

The booklets reportedly claim that everything bad in the world is the result of God’s righteous anger at sin.


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