Daily cartoon / meme roundup: Workers are being exploited in the US for the profit of the wealthy. Workers struggle to have the basics while the upper class live in luxury.


Scottie’s world today

destroyed by truth

Thank you Randy for this cartoon.   I feel like this most days.  

they call me radical left

I barely got 1/4 of the pages done.  I have been in bed a lot again today.  It is now nearly 6 PM and I am going to bed for the night.   I hope to be able to get out a better roundup tomorrow.   Best wishes to all. 


arazona allergies

removed open skies

ViewsEurope Comic Strip for March 27, 2022

Mike du Jour Comic Strip for March 27, 2022


Misleading right wing media cartoons / memes

Michael Ramirez Comic Strip for March 27, 2022   The Disney CEO tried to have it both ways instead of standing on principle.  He got caught out. 

Lisa Benson Comic Strip for March 26, 2022

While the US government gives price gouging oil companies subsides of 20 billion of taxpayer money it is somehow wrong for the same government to give those same taxpayers some money also to make their lives easier.   Wake up people, the wealthy are sucking the country dry and having the easy life while demanding that the people suffer and scrabble for the bare minimums. 


And now some for fun

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