Today and the roundup

There will be no roundup today.   I just barely got caught up with the comments.   I had a doctor’s appointment in the late morning that meant I never got home until after 1 PM.   Ron made us burgers on the grill and fries.  After we ate I was wiped out and we went for a nap.   I never woke up until after 4 PM and that was far too late to start the roundup.   So I worked on the comments.   Now Ron wants me to eat something, but I am really tired and just want to go back to bed.   I think I have one or two more things to post and then it is it for me.  It is 8 PM here where I am.  I normally wake up between 4:30 and 5 AM and last night I did not sleep at all and got up at 4 AM.    Everyone have a great evening.  

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