Carlson: The “Trans Thing” Didn’t Exist Four Years Ago

“So, this administration is standing up for you. And those are words that every American is grateful to hear. But in this case, there’s a caveat.

“‘You’ means trans seniors. Now, wait a second, you may wonder, as you sit down with your family to celebrate the joy of transgenderism on transgender appreciation day, how many trans seniors are there in this country?

“No offense, but the trans thing seems pretty new. And if it’s not new, how come no one had ever heard of it before, say, four years ago?

“And is securing trans rights really the biggest problem that old people in America now face?” – Tucker Carlson, responding to Biden’s message of support yesterday for the Transgender Day Of Visibility.

The man below is a transman.   The Republicans want him to use the woman’s public bathrooms.   I keep hearing how women are not comfortable with men in the bathroom they use.  How about him, do you think women are going to feel comfortable with him walking in if that bothers them?   See how the bathroom bills going on birth presentation makes no sense?  

This handsome gentleman turns 60 this year. He’s been in the public eye for waaaayyyyyyyy more than 4 years.


6 thoughts on “Carlson: The “Trans Thing” Didn’t Exist Four Years Ago

    1. Hello Randy. What bothers me is his audience will believe that. It only started when kids thought it was cool or from peer pressure. They ignore the fact that the first sex change surgery happened back before World War 2. Many cultures have / had 3 genders or more. That is because gender identity is inborn just like sexual orientation. The situation of the bits below does not match the identity in the head has existed as long as humans have. It may in the animal kingdom but how would we know? The funny thing is straight people produce both and they just cannot admit that. They’re the ones having most of the kids.


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