Ron DeSantis’s Spox Calls For Nationwide Anti-LGBTQ Referendum Similar To One That Just Failed In Hungary

The more important news is that Hungary’s proposed anti-LGBTQ referendum failed to go forward in yesterday’s national election.

Hungary’s referendum on a law concerning LGBTQ issues especially concerning minors – criticized as homophobic both within and outside the country – has failed to reach a minimum quorum of 50 percent of valid votes, the National Election Office said Monday.

Only 44 percent of the votes cast Sunday were found to be valid, rendering the process null. Besides the valid votes, another 20 percent were not counted because over incorrect markings or protest messages, as demanded by LGBT rights organizations and the opposition.

The referendum sought popular endorsement of a law that was initially introduced to fight child abuse. However, the ruling Fidesz party led by Prime Minister Viktor Orban, added to it sections on pedophilia and a ban on talking to minors about homosexuality and sex change.

The news above has apparently not reached DeSantis’s spokesperson Christina Pushaw, who was recently hailed as a “gay icon” in a column published by the Log Cabin Republicans. Last month Pushaw participated in an online pro-Don’t Say Gay forum orchestrated by convicted homocon rioter Brandon Straka.


The right smells blood in the water and they are coming for the LGBTQ+ as hard as they can.   This is no longer just about grifting money out of the believers.   They think they can do to the gays, queers, and trans people what they did to abortion in the SCOTUS.  If they can convince the people that gays are trying to groom, prey on, molest, recruit, and make your kids gay / transgender then they can not only win elections but force all those icky people back into the closet and slam the doors shut.   Where have we heard all that slander before against gay people?  In the past it was used all the time.  Anita Bryant was spouting it in Florida in the 1970s, and the right has not updated their attack menu.   It was wrong then and it is wrong now.   But it is the last gasp of a dying political party that is shrinking and wants to keep its minority rule.   They need a villain to do it, to keep their base riled up.  And if they win using these old tools they will keep trying to drive the country regressive and to vilify anyone not a white Christian cis straight person.  Prepare to be forced to pay a tax to the local Christian church sect of your choice because that is required in countries that religions take over.  Also all schools will promote and teach the Church doctrine as is practiced in some countries now.  I did not know public schools in the US had to enforce or use the doctrines of the Christain faith, but I guess they do in the red states.   Will advanced learning be the next thing on the chopping block?   Only the children of the wealthy will have advanced education.  Workers’ kids will be taught only enough as the job requires.   All hail the return to the dark ages of robber barons.  

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