Shocking intercepted audio reveals talk between Russian soldiers

13 thoughts on “Shocking intercepted audio reveals talk between Russian soldiers

  1. SO WHAT if they are designated as “war crimes”??? Who’s going to prosecute? What exactly is going to be done that will actually make a difference? Just like everything else in this world … lot of talk … little tp NO action.

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    1. Hello Nan. It does need to be documented even if it is just so history has the knowledge of what was done and how the world reacted. I think this time there will be consequences for Russia as a whole but not the individuals who commit the crimes. Maybe the upper Russian commanders or the general in charge if he can be caught.


  2. It would be good if we (all earthlings) could get together to get the killing and destruction stopped, then prosecuate a la the Nuremberg Trials. Just me own .02.

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        1. Oh, my. I hope you feel better! You know, many times I post a comment because I’m moved to do it. I know you’re conscientious about addressing every comment, but the only worry I have is when you feel so badly that you can’t post here. Else, if you skip my comment, no need to apologize! Hugs-

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    1. Hello Ali. I agree. I wish we meant it when the world said never again. If we let this Russian invasion stand and Russia get a reward for this by keeping part of Ukraine it will be open season on every smaller country by larger ones.

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  3. Anonymous (the hacking collective) is all over this. Last week I read where they released the private personnel files on the entire Russian invasion force. Don’t know how much damage they can inflict, but they’re hard at work. Check out this video…

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    1. Hello Jimmy T. Thank you for this video. We all know how much damage the Russian hacker groups in the Russian intel / military units have done. I was reading about the huge bot nets Russia is setting up to not only swing opinion about the war they are waging but trying to shut services / utilities down of their opponents. We have to remember that the world is interconnected these days as the web is something that all people and all business do our business over. Not only do we do business and operate our businesses over the internet but our leisure activities are done on it these days also. I would say whoever controls the innerwebs controls the people.

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