Teachers in Florida are Hilariously Sabotaging the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Law

4 thoughts on “Teachers in Florida are Hilariously Sabotaging the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Law

  1. Found that memo on Reddit a few days ago. Never expected it to get such a good reception, but here we are. There are way clever ways of going after bigotry. This one is priceless…

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  2. Hi Scottie;
    I see this as crashing and burning, but in the mean time it will be interesting. It is fascinating the steps people will go through to simply keep from having to admit that “some people grow up and find that, as a boy they like boys, or as a girl they like girls, though most find that boys like girls and girls like boys. all of that is ok”. It’s almost like finding new ways to hate someone for something that is completely none of your business carries odd consequences. Go figure.


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    1. Hello Randy. These people that are fighting to make gay people go back to being invisible don’t seem to understand gay people have been around in every culture since man came into being. It is something evolution seems to be OK with. We know it was around in the time of the bible because the passages in the bible that talk of it. But what gets me is why some people hate the LGBTQ+ and it comes down to being taught to do so. And when people find out those they love and respect are LGBTQ+ they start to accept rather than hate. That is why it is important for the religious conservative bigots to stop kids from learning acceptance before they can be indoctrinated with hate and bigotry. I have written before that in Russia the acceptance of gay rights and anti-discrimination was gaining great strides in the public. polling showed a huge shift change in how gay people were seen. Then the church got with Putin and made any positive mention of LGBTQ+ in public where a minor might possibly hear illegal. They claimed it was needed to protect the kids. Sound failure. Got to stop the sexualization of the kids. Got to stop the grooming and indoctrination in sexual orientation of the kids. Stop teaching kids to do gay stuff. But the government and the church are allowed to keep pushing lies and hate while the LGBTQ+ cannot respond to. Polls showed the acceptance of gay people tanked. It stopped increasing and has been reduced greatly. That is the game plan of the Republicans and the religious right wing. I hope it fails.


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