Trump-Backed House Candidate Tells Steve Bannon Being Gay Is a Choice: ‘They Can Actually Change’

Republican candidate Vernon Jones of Georgia said Friday that Black people are more disadvantaged than gay people because, he said, being gay is a choice.

On Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast Friday, the congressional candidate stated he believes being gay is voluntary.

“Civil rights and gay rights, let me tell you, civil rights for Blacks, and gay rights for gays, are two different things,” Jones told Bannon.

Bannon chimed in, “They say it’s the same thing,” to which Jones disagreed.

“But it’s not he same thing,” he said. “I don’t know what you are unless you tell me what you are, if you’re gay. But when I walk in that room, you can tell that I’m Black. I’m Black from cradle to grave, let’s not get that confused.”

“They can actually change,” Jones added. “You can go from being straight, to being gay, to being transgender and all these other genders. But when you Black, I don’t have a choice.”

He concluded, “When did gays come over in ships?”

Jones made a name for himself nationally after he endorsed former President Donald Trump as a Democrat from Dekalb County ahead of the 2020 election. Trump endorsed Jones in the race earlier this year.

The Democrat-turned-Republican represents Georgia’s 91st district in the statehouse and is known for making headline-grabbing statements. Two months ago, Jones claimed he was simultaneously running campaigns for the U.S. House and for governor.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, citing election records, reported Jones used a Democratic ballot in the 2020 primary after expressing public support for Trump.



4 thoughts on “Trump-Backed House Candidate Tells Steve Bannon Being Gay Is a Choice: ‘They Can Actually Change’

  1. I’m still waiting for a journalist to ask why it’s important to know more about a person than that they’re a human being, with human rights. sigh It’s like the Republicans have trained this guy to do what they’ve always been doing, which is pitting people who are down against other people who are down, so that we the people can never get equality. I can’t imagine that Vernon Jones thinks he’s immune to maltreatment just because he identifies as Republican.

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    1. Hello Ali. Some people need others to look down on and feel superior to in order to feel good themselves. Seriously this guy doesn’t see the discrimination against others as bad because he doesn’t like that group. But he doesn’t realize that is what drives the bigoted racist against black people like him. If it is fair game to discriminate against those you don’t like, then it is open season on every group by every other group. We devolve into nothing more than gangs. So much for a society if the country becomes gangs defending themselves for other gangs.

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      1. Stupid and likely rhetorical question; d’you suppose any bigots know how to cook, or how to cook decently? I guess a person could try to reach them through their stomachs? (I know; ha.) I just read John Pavlovitz yesterday, and Calico Jack, and I guess I’m trying to be a good person about bigots. sigh

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        1. Hello Ali. I think as long as bigots are rewarded with agreement and praise from those that believe as they do. As long as they keep feeling good about their bigotry and having it reenforced they will keep being vocal about it. Before tRump the bigotry had to be hidden when they were in public and at work. They could and would be fired for being bigots. tRump feed them from restraints. Now they feel entitled to act just as he did.

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