Breathe, a visual, coming-of-age story of young Bram discovering his sexuality.   Society puts such pressure on the gay and transgender kids to conform to cis heteronormative ways.   Until recently everything a kid seen growing up was a man and a woman holding hands, dating, kissing, sharing a family, gazing lovingly at each other.    Until recently if there was a Mr. there had to be a Mrs.   If there was a Mrs. the assumption is there is a Mr.   That is what the don’t say gay bills are about.   It is about returning to that pressure to conform, to hide that part of yourself, if you’re a boy you must pretend to like girls, if a girl pretend to be into boys.  If you’re a girl wear girl’s clothes and be girly, if a boy do the boy part of that.  That is why it is important not to let them win, to not let the minority of bigots that want to return to the “traditional” way they think it was get their way.  Don’t let them force everyone back into the same mold to look and act the same way.   Being different should be OK.  It doesn’t harm anyone if gay and trans people exist, have families, are just as much in society as cis heteronormative people.   Think of the efforts of one political party and their media to paint anyone not cis hetero as a predator trying to attack children and women.   The idea they are pushing is teachers that are not cis hetero enforcing are pedophiles.   The message is clear, if you are not straight and cis you are a danger and must be removed from society so the good straight people and their kids are safe. 

If you are hard of hearing don’t worry, this is a visual story and has no words.   

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