Tucker Encourages VIOLENCE Against Teachers

2 thoughts on “Tucker Encourages VIOLENCE Against Teachers

  1. Scottie, in my view, forget the subject and just focus on the words of instruction. As per usual, Carlson’ inflammatory and untruthful remarks will get people hurt. That is not what I would call a man of conscience. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. I agree with you on Carlson. I think that is true of anyone threatening or inciting harm of others. I am trying to look back but I don’t think I have ever advocated harming anyone except to stop a person causing immanent bodily harm or death to another person. Other than self-defense or defense of another I just cannot understand the justification of hurting others. Yet there are people who glory in it and it makes them emotionally feel good to think of harming others who have a difference of opinion from them. Is the drive for power or to make others do as you say worth the harm caused to other people? I don’t understand those people. But they sure are not the future I want to live in. Did you watch Star Trek? A future where people could talk out differences, where tolerance of others and their differences was normal, where there was no hunger or need, where people’s needs were met, where people were more important than things, at least for the federation. A utopia. That was the future I thought the US was working for when I was a young person. Somewhere we lost our way. Best wishes


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