BUZZFEED NEWS: Oklahoma’s New Abortion Ban Shows How Precarious Reproductive Rights Are

Oklahoma’s New Abortion Ban Shows How Precarious Reproductive Rights Are
“We don’t really know what would happen to laws like this, but it could absolutely be the case that laws like this are legal post-Dobbs.”

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2 thoughts on “BUZZFEED NEWS: Oklahoma’s New Abortion Ban Shows How Precarious Reproductive Rights Are

  1. These idiots obviously don’t read history. If they did, they would learn of the many, many women who “self-aborted” because of the arcane laws that these jerks want to reinstate.

    We’re back again to the age factor. The children of most of these politicians are long gone … and most likely are even past child-bearing age. So it’s all puff and glory to make these laws for the FEW women — and the MANY IGNORANT MEN.

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    1. Hello Nan. Please forgive my following rant because as a gay male I will never face this incredibly hard decision that many women do have to face to put their own lives in danger to carry a pregnancy to term or abort. I won’t face it, I won’t suffer from the choice either way, and I won’t have to live with that choice regardless of whether it be based on financial, emotional, or physical health reasons. I am ashamed that my fellow males don’t understand that.

      What the fuck!

      “Even the Texas law allows abortions up to six weeks, and by outlawing it entirely and creating criminal penalties for physicians we’re basically in the pre-Roe era,” Ahmed said, adding that even with the exception, providers will likely be hesitant to perform the procedure out of fear of being criminally punished.

      “Needless to say, this is not a good environment in which to provide reproductive healthcare,” she said.

      And although the law specifically states that a pregnant person cannot be charged “with any criminal offense in the death of her own unborn child,” advocates and experts don’t trust that officials won’t arrest or prosecute people who self-manage their abortions. In Texas, a 26-year-old woman was recently arrested and charged for being involved in a “self-induced abortion.” She was later released and prosecutors acknowledged she did not violate any laws.

      “Maybe as the laws stand they won’t criminalize people who have abortions, but that doesn’t mean they won’t add it later,” said Renee Bracey Sherman, founder and executive director of the reproductive justice nonprofit group We Testify. “The anti-abortion movement also used to say we don’t want to criminalize abortion, we just want to make it safer. I mean, that was a fucking lie, right?”

      Do I need to highlight or make clearer the intent? To me it is not about the woman that they think is a walking incubator, but about the potential offspring. A potential offspring that up until birth the male who helped create it bears no responsibility. I am sorry but this seems to go back to the 1950s idea that a girl had to do everything they could to keep pure as she had no sexual feelings or desires, and society did everything they could to shame and repress her. But the boys, well dad was proud of his male offspring trying to get himself into every girl he could, that was just boys being boys, right? But that doesn’t even make sense.

      So boys are excused for being very horny and desperately wanting sex and girls are stigmatized, criminalized, and ostracized for giving into the boys and having sex? What? Well when you look at it that way what is the real issue.

      Females are property and the sexual use of them lowers their value. I have lost count of how many religious videos on girls having sex I have seen that describe the girl as a piece of chewing gum. Each boy she is with chews her up until she has no flavor or worth and is only to be discarded. Yet again the boy is celebrated, he has a notch on his bed post.

      All of this abortion bullshit is about control over women and their sexual organs / their sexual enjoyment. I think of the horrible practice of female sexual mutilation. Why do the men insist on it for females? Because without it the females would / might be having sex with other men they claim. Far better to deny the woman any pleasure from sex so that the male who owns her can use her at his pleasure … yes at his pleasure often and as much as he wants while she suffers through it. It comes down to a woman must not have pleasure or enjoy sex, but the man must always do so.

      So now we have established these anti-abortion laws are about control of a female’s sexual relations and her enjoyment during a sex act, but we have failed to address on big issue. Why abortion? What is it about a pregnancy and the possible ending of it that gets males so upset. Well we know it is not concern about the female. It is not about the health of the woman. It goes back to the biblical view of females and males’ self-importance. Regardless of his used female vessel that possible offspring of his seed might be a male. It might be his legacy. Even though there is a large chance it will abort naturally and that it may have defects costing the womans life, it is the males issue and might be a male itself. That takes all the rights. The possible male well-formed offspring gets far more rights than that walking incubator. No matter the cost the woman must present that male child. Look at the bible and see how important it always was.

      What is sick to me today is men agree and put up with this view. That a large segment of the US population is in agreement with this view sickens me as a man. Again I won’t ever face the consequences in any manner from these laws, except maybe to comfort a grieving woman / their family if she dies. I would like to think that if any male in public acted this way towards a female the others around would stop it instantly. But clearly a segment of the population is OK with females being disposable for the potential male offspring. I think of the incel movement where males think they are owed a good looking females body and servitude for simply being male. They feel no need to earn a female, and they don’t feel there is anything wrong with themselves because a woman has not agreed to be owned by them yet. Nope it is because females are not made property as much as they should be and granted to them for their pleasure. Dogs and Gravy I wish I made that up, but it really is true how Incels think. And yet here are Republican legislatures seeming to put that into laws. How long until the rest of what these human rejects thing of women are in the laws also?

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