Two Men From Florida’s The Villages To Get Off With Community Service After Admitting Felony Voter Fraud

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Two residents from The Villages confessed to voter fraud charges after filing two ballots in the 2020 Presidential election, court records show. Charles F. Barnes and Jay Ketcik pleaded guilty to casting more than one ballot in an election, a third-degree felony that could have resulted in a maximum five-year prison sentence.

According to the pre-trial intervention documents, the prosecution of Barnes, 64, and Ketcik, 63, will be deferred if they abide by a series of court-ordered requirements set by the office of Ocala-based State Attorney Bill Gladson.

Court records show the men will avoid further punishment if they regularly meet with a supervising officer, complete 50 hours of community service and attend a 12-week adult civics class, among a handful of other requirements.

Click Orlando reports

Barnes and Ketcik are among four residents of The Villages who were accused of casting multiple ballots in both Florida and their original home states during the 2020 election.

All four faced a maximum of five years in prison if a jury convicted them of the third-degree felony. Joan Halstead, 71, and John Rider, 61, are still awaiting trial for allegedly casting multiple ballots, court records show. Both have pleaded not guilty.

I am sorry but I don’t understand the light punishments.   After all Governor DeathSantis has created his own election police with taxpayer money to go after people who do this.  Oh all the people from the Villages that have been charged with voter fraud are Republicans that voted for tRump.   Sorry for asking, now I understand.    


Ross • 2 hours ago

Crystal Mason wanted to vote but wasn’t sure she could (she was on parole). So, the people manning the voter registration desk told her she could cast a provisional ballot.

She did as instructed by those in charge.

Later, a judge threw her in jail for FIVE years for voting illegally.

Crystal…to the surprise of no one…is black.

But white people knowingly voting illegally?

Slaps on wrists.

This is so enraging.

And her case wasn’t voter fraud. It was mistakenly voting (by provisional ballot [edit] as instructed by election officials) while ineligible, on supervised release.

Compare and contrast with Bruce Bartman, different state, different laws and sentencing guidelines, who knowingly registered his dead mother to vote, and cast an absentee ballot for her for Trump, and only got probation.

A travesty of justice.

Tread Ross • 2 hours ago • edited

Pamela Moses was sentenced to six years for registering to vote.

The Guardian did a series about these miscarriages of justice to try and get these women exonerated. It’s too bad our American media doesn’t do this anymore.…

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