DeSantis Submits House Map That Erases Dem Districts

Florida Politics reports:

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office has submitted the map he wants lawmakers to pass in the upcoming Special Session. Sen. Ray Rodrigues, an Estero Republican and Chair of the Senate Reapportionment Committee, said he was briefed on the submission (P 0109). He said it’s one the Florida Senate can pass.

But while Republicans in Florida appear to be coalescing around the map, a growing number of Democrats assert the lines won’t withstand court scrutiny. “If this map is enacted, Florida will be sued,” tweeted Marc Elias, a Democratic attorney involved in redistricting legislation across the nation.

This map has 20 seats where Republican Donald Trump won the 2020 Presidential Election, and just eight seats won by Democrat Joe Biden. Trump won Florida by three percentage points.

Read the full article.

Please understand that Florida is not a hard right state.  It is a swing state.  It used to be a Blue state until Republicans managed to start restricting voting which swung elections to the Republicans.   What the Republicans are doing here is killing democracy in Florida.   Half the state is Democratic voting yet we cannot win elections due to gerrymandering and  voter restrictions.   The more the Republicans cement their authoritarian rule the less they respond to the people but instead for the people to live under minority rule.   The Republican party is no longer wanting to have a democracy, they want power, pure power.   Instead of the people controlling the government the Republican party wants the government to control the people.    The Republican party is making it clear they want to be like Russia and China.    

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