Cultist House Candidate Sold Tear Gas Used On BLM

Politico reports:

Dozens of wealthy candidates run for Congress every election cycle. What sets Cory Mills apart are some of the mileposts on his road to riches: Selling tear gas that was used against Black Lives Matter demonstrators and purchasing a company that sold rubber bullets to Hong Kong to crack down on protesters.

Mills, a first-time Republican candidate running in a competitive primary in Florida’s 7th district, is the co-founder of PACEM Solutions. The company sells arms and riot-control gear and provides law enforcement training and private security consulting in the U.S. and around the world.

PACEM Solutions has estimated annual sales of $13.5 million, according to Dun & Bradstreet, a business data and analytics firm. Mills is funding his own run for Congress mostly with money he earned through the company.

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2 thoughts on “Cultist House Candidate Sold Tear Gas Used On BLM

  1. Thing is … as in so many of these cases … most people have NO CLUE about such things because it’s not widely reported. IMO, this is why Republicans get away with so much of the stuff they do. (Of course, there are those who DO know and support such actions!)

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    1. Hello Nan. Most people don’t know of the direct political actions of their congresspeople, so when it comes to candidates they have no clue what these people do in their private lives. The elected Republicans vote against a popular bill the people want then they go back to their district or state and claim to have voted for it. They crow about bringing needed aid to the area when they voted against the bills that money was attached to. And the voters fall for it. For many reasons I agree, mostly because they are too busy trying to keep the rent paid and food for the family to eat. But that is the doing of the very Republicans a lot of these people keep voting for. You are correct for many of the rabid right the cruelty of laws / rules against those they dislike is the icing on the cake for them. It is why they vote for Republicans in the first place. I have to go lay down but I will get to more comments when I get up.

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