VIRAL VIDEO: Gay MO Rep Rages At GOP Author Of Anti-Trans Bill: “I Grew Up Afraid Of People Like You”

The Springfield News-Leader reports:

Local school districts in Missouri would be able to call elections on whether to ban transgender athletes from youth sports under a bill given initial approval by the House on Wednesday evening. A bill originally designed to audit the state’s voter rolls and tweak elections laws was amended by Rep. Chuck Basye, a Rocheport Republican, to include the language.

The chamber approved the amendment by an 89-40 vote after almost three hours of fierce and emotional debate. Democrats called the measure discriminatory and designed to invoke fear. “I was afraid of people like you growing up and I grew up in Hickory County, Missouri,” Rep. Ian Mackey, a St. Louis Democrat who is openly gay, said to Basye. “I grew up in a school district that would vote tomorrow to put this in place.”

The Advocate reports:

“Your brother wanted to tell you he was gay, didn’t he?” Mackey asked him. Basye said he did and his brother thought their family would hold it against him. “Why would he think that?” Mackey asked.

“I don’t know,” replied Basye. The GOP representative said, “that was never going to happen.”

Mackey said, “I would have been afraid to tell you too. I would have been afraid to tell you to because of stuff like this because this is what you’re focused on. This is the legislation you want to put forward.”

The exchange has gone wildly viral on TikTok.

Watch and enjoy the smoke.

Ninja0980 • 5 hours ago

And they want us to have that fear again.


Tread  Ninja0980 • 5 hours ag

That’s the point. The man in Florida who introduced the “Don’t Say Gay” bill admitted it out loud.

Ragnar_Lothbrok • 4 hours ago

That hit me hard

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    • Gianni  Ragnar_Lothbrok • 3 hours ago
    • It did the same to me. I remember all my growing up years and into my early twenties living with that fear that generated such shame within me. I still hear, especially from religious bigots and know-nothings, that we are all born heterosexual like God wants us to be. However, some of us turn away from God and follow Satan into choosing to be homosexual. The fact that I would hear repeatedly that God hated me along with the world around me, was a horrible fear inducing and shame producing thing. I carried that around for so many years until I grew up to the point that I told myself to fuck it all. To this day, I still feel a bit of that well entrenched fear when I decide to tell some friend that I’m gay. Funny thing, at least to me, is that most have already figured that out and remained my friends.

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