Mariupol: ‘Nothing Left To Save’

I have no words to add. At this point if the world / NATO doesn’t act with their full force to intervene, then the words “Never Again” meant nothing.

Mock Paper Scissors

“Trust me, comrades, why would I lie?”

This is grim:

As Russia appears poised to capture Mariupol more than six weeks into the invasion, the governor of Ukraine’s Donetsk region said Friday that while Ukrainian troops remain in control of the strategic port city, Mariupol “has been wiped off the face of the earth” by Russian forces.

Pavlo Kyrylenko, the governor, told CNN that troops are still “courageously defending Mariupol” against the Russian forces that have bombarded the city on the Sea of Azov, leaving it in ruins.

“The enemy cannot seize Mariupol. The enemy may seize the land that Mariupol used to stand on, but the city of Mariupol is no more,” Kyrylenko said. “The city of Mariupol has been wiped off the face of the earth by the Russian Federation, by those who will never be able to restore it.”

Is there any doubt that Putin…

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2 thoughts on “Mariupol: ‘Nothing Left To Save’

  1. Thank you, Scottie! This is so awful, but everyone needs to know it. As you say, the PTB need to get this stopped now. I’m avowed non-violent, but I agree that feet need to be put down on this a few months ago. Again, thank you.

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    1. Hello Ali. Thank you. I thank everyone who is getting the word out about what is happening to the people of Ukraine. In all bad acts silence about it helps the one doing the harm. That is why Russia was targeting reporters and killing them. They couldn’t report Russian abuses if they were dead and other reporters got the warming that they would be killed if they went to report.

      Like you I normally feel violence is wrong. However it has always been acceptable to use violence to protect yourself or others from imminent bodily harm or death. I think in this case the world needs to understand that if we look away we are agreeing to let Russia inflict grievous bodily harm and death on the people of Ukraine. Some of the reports I have read are simple torture to the adults and even children. Not to be graphic one preteen had their teeth pulled out. What possible military reason for this act?

      I read what is happening and realize most people think these Russian soldiers are like the well trained militaries of the US and other advanced countries. These Russian forces are mostly conscripted young adults. From what I heard these conscripts serve a year and so do not get much training. Even the soldiers that are contracted to the military do not get training in the tactics, ethics, and international laws / rules like our troops do. Only officers get such training, the enlisted have none to little authority and are not allowed to make decisions. So you end up with a bunch of young guys who are angry and frustrated and are taking that out on the prisoners under their control. Their emotions are running at a fever pitch and they cannot inflict that rage on the ones above them, so they harm the ones they have control over. A very dangerous situation for the defenseless.

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