Racism And Resource Guarding | The Problem With Jon Stewart Behind The Scenes | Apple TV+

9 thoughts on “Racism And Resource Guarding | The Problem With Jon Stewart Behind The Scenes | Apple TV+

  1. Excellent conveyance of the meaning of privilege and equality.
    Now if we can only get the ones who don’t grasp it, to listen through that entire 2-3 sentences.

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    1. Hello Ali. It is hard for some people to separate the idea of privilege for the idea that they have to gain something. Simply not losing in every dealing with authority can be privilege. I agree, the ones that need to see it wont bother with that video.

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    2. Hello Ali. I wanted to add something to my reply on white privilege. I never understood the white privilege I had until one day doing comments and replies with a young black man married to a young white man. This was like 2016 0r 2017 if I remember. I had posted something about a police traffic stop. This person I had been following for several years. I shouldn’t have to say this but to make clear how deep discrimination is this man was a very well-spoken educated nice looking young black man. It is like when Joe Biden tried to complement Obama by saying he was “was well spoken clean looking black person.

      “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” Biden said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

      Joe meant well, but it is that life long white privilege that so many white people don’t even admit exists popping up.

      Back to my story Jamal Miller (https://gaysinthelife.com/ much has changed in his life since this exchanged) told me the difference between when his white husband was stopped by police even when he was in the car and what happened when he was driving alone in the same car. I wont try to repeat his words as I couldn’t do it justice as he told me how his heart would race and his breathing be difficult. Remember this is a well educated professional black man, but that shouldn’t matter. He would repeat to himself every he knew he had to do to keep from being a dead black man shot by police. His hands clearly visible on the steering wheel his documents ready to give without reaching for anything that might be out of the officers view. He went on at length of the steps and mind set he had to go through to avoid being shot while doing nothing wrong.

      It reminded me of the only time in my life I have been pulled over by police. Trust me I have earned more. I was just finished my training at Fort Gordon in Georgia. This was I think 1982. I was allowed a car because I was prior military due to my navy service even though I was a very immature maybe 19 year old kid. I was an E-4 in the Army. I was full of myself and as randy and confident as a clueless teenager could be. I was getting ready to leave the station to go on a short leave, another privilege for me as prior military I now wish I had not had. I raced through the steps to leave the base and on my way to leave I was dressed in my brown military tee shirt and military pants and boots with a full cooler of soda in the back seat, I raced through a residential neighborhood on the way back north. I was doing like 60 in a 30 MPH zone but I was a happy go lucky kid when I seen the lights flashing behind me. I pulled over and from here on I did everything wrong and the only reason I am here to tell it is because I am white. As I pulled over with the cop car pulling in behind me I seen the driver open his door, a very large white man, very large. I bounded out of my car and started walking towards him. He held up one of his hands as he drew his baton. I stopped by the back door and stood at semi attention. He came up and asked me some questions. I excitedly told him I was starting out on leave, where I was going, and without understanding I had started to move around and use my hands as I talked. This large policeman listened as I told him of my plans for my trip and where I was hoping to go and I had no clue about danger I could have been in. I was talking to him like he was one of my Sargent friends. He finally stopped me and laid his large hand on my shoulder. Calm down he said a few times. “Look” he said looking at the cooler, “if there is beer or such in there don’t have any until you stop tonight OK”. Yes sir, I have soda and sandwiches I replied and then tried to open the door which he blocked. Looking back I am surprised he did not club me a few times for being so dumb. He told me very sternly to slow down. He reminded me I wanted to get where I was going so again no drinking. I was happy to reply yes sir to everything as that was my training from childhood when given orders I obeyed without question and it had continued in the military. The upshot after a fatherly talk this large southern policeman let me go. Not ticket, just a talking to. But I broke all the rules of a traffic stop. Like I said I should have gotten dressed down for just being a hyper dumb guy. No black guy could have gotten away with doing everything I did. Looking back that is what made me realize the white privilege I have every day in my life but never thought of.

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      1. No black guy could have gotten away with doing everything I did.

        And THIS is so very, very, disgusting! While SOME blacks definitely carry a chip on their shoulder (and who can blame them), MANY cooperate FULLY … and still get tased … or SHOT!

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      2. That’s all it takes-one little thing no one thinks of until someone else without the privilege does things carefully and correctly and still has a bad outcome. We aren’t bad for having the privilege, it’s just that every person is supposed to have that benefit of the doubt, not only white people. sigh

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