FL Senate Votes 23-16 To Strip Disney’s Special Status

I wonder if Disney regrets the millions they have poured into the Florida Republican party.    This is the Republican party that claims businesses are people and can do anything they want, is now showing that applies only as long as they do what the most regressive right wing parts of the party want them to do.   This is a warning to all big business in red states, toe the line or be attacked.    The problem is big companies cannot attract qualified top people to work in bigoted states.    They cannot get parents to move to these states.  And if the businesses is like Disney that depends on tourism the normal non-bigoted people won’t support the company if they become right wing assholes.    Personally I think Disney should immediately pour all that money into Democratic candidates and help bring the state back to its former glory as a Democratic strong hold before so many conservatives retired down here.   Businesses like Disney seen the state turning Republican and poured money into the Republican candidates thinking they would stay loyal to the big money donors.   We see now that propaganda, ideology, indoctrination, and pleasing the fascist leader is far more important in the minds of the right wing.  

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

The Republican-controlled Florida Senate quickly voted Wednesday to dissolve Disney World’s Reedy Creek Improvement District. The Senate voted 23-16 to dissolve Reedy Creek, with Sen. Jeff Brandes the only Republican to vote against Sen. Jennifer Bradley’s bill.

The Senate voted along party lines to approve Bradley’s bill retracting the Disney carveout. Democrats assailed their Republican colleagues for capitulating to DeSantis out of fear of facing primary opponents.

Critics of the governor say the bills were meant to punish Disney, Florida’s largest single-site employer, for opposing the so-called “don’t say gay” law signed by DeSantis last month.

Read the full article. As you can see below, Bradley’s campaign video is full MAGA.


abbafan65 • 29 minutes ago

I presume that Disney would no longer have to pay employee wages and benefits to the firefighters and police. Looks like the taxes will be going up for the new municipality it is absorbed into. Not very bright on DeathSentences judgement. Of course, it’s the optics that count for them.

E.J. • an hour ago

“A 2019 study found Disney dominates the Central Florida tourism industry, according to Oxford Economics, and produced: $75.2 billion annual economic impact for Central Florida. 463,000 jobs. $5.8 billion in additional state tax revenue.”

BeccaM WaveMotionGum • an hour ago

Actually, it fails on free speech grounds.

Florida Repugs are looking to punish a corporation for its exercise of free speech because they object to Disney’s statements and position.

Todd20036 • 2 hours ago

This is on Disney too. They thought they could buy republicans and give LBGTs lip service

Turns out even simple lip service is too much “tolerance” for MAGAts who want us dead

BeccaM Todd20036 • 2 hours ago

That’s exactly what it is. You’re not even allowed to say you’re opposed to Republican oppression, else you get punished for your temerity.

‘Til Tuesday 🌼 ☔️ 🌷 ☀️ • 2 hours ago

Well, businesses looking at locating in Florida are taking note of the political tyranny. If the state will fuck over a corporate giant like Disney, imagine what they’d do to a regular company or business.

Bilderbeck • 2 hours ago • edited

It’s all GQP theater to warn corporations that they better be on the “right” side of the culture wars.
Meanwhile, Florida continues to lose shoreline and fresh water due to climate change, but there’s no Special Legislative Session for real problems.

Elagabalus another_steve • 2 hours ago

Yes, it is, and despite our efforts of more than half a century since Stonewall to convince people that we’re worth having around, it’s now abundantly clear that they haven’t been listening to us all this time because they simply don’t care – they want us all dead.

Houndentenor Elagabalus • 2 hours ago

We maxed out what exposure would get us. It was a lot and a big thanks to everyone who risked their family relationships and careers by coming out. Younger generations are more lgbt-friendly as a result. But the generation still in power hates us as much as ever and see this as their last chance to enact their theocratic hate on us. Yes, they want us dead. And their voters show up to keep them in power. Will ours? Sometimes they do but most of the time they don’t.

Example of what I mean about us hitting the limit. I just watched this year’s GLAAD awards. (Not worth your time for the most part, tbh, except for this part.) A mom of a trans son got up and spoke. She had had Abbott and his wife over for dinner to show him what a family with a trans kid was really like. He’s been in their home at their table. I’m sure it seemed to go well. Didn’t change a damn thing. They don’t see us as human. They might be nice to our faces (I know tons of people like this) but they will vote to send us all to firing squads if that was possible.

3 thoughts on “FL Senate Votes 23-16 To Strip Disney’s Special Status

    1. Hello Jeff. God I hope so. If Disney did that it could push the state back into the blue. The funny thing is you look at the gobs of money they gave to the Republican party in the state and the very people they gave the most to, wrote the bill to hurt Disney and voted for it. Disney gave the most money to the Republicans and the Republicans turned on them.

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