Florida Goes After Disney Over ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Law

Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida’s state legislature are pressing ahead with their plan to punish Disney after the company called for a repeal of Florida’s anti-gay law.

6 thoughts on “Florida Goes After Disney Over ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Law

  1. Hi Scottie;
    I’m so sorry about your neighbor’s cancer. Seems so sad that there just isn’t any way to get people together to fight that. Oh, and the young kids that are fearing the coming summer when school lunches are no longer available. But what are you going to do? Parents gotta take care of their business. It’s really not the role of government to get into the decisions folks make like that. And, Scottie, I’m so sorry about that red tide you have been dealing with, the wild fires, the floods. Boy, if only we could get a grass roots drive going, we could get some attention for that…..
    The state legislature was able to get together to “punish” a company for disagreeing with the governor and seeking to use it’s influence to find a different solution within days, damn the consequences. Well, I guess kids and adult dying of cancer, kids going hungry, environmental pollution of the water and land, fires, floods, well, it just doesn’t have the importance of ensuring that kids in Florida never hear about folks being gay.

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    1. Oh, and open question to you fierce republicans: First it was TinkyWinky, then Dr. Suess, Big Bird, Mr. Potato Head, and now you are taking on Micky Mouse and Tinker Bell all while you fondle your guns like an impotent psycho and talk about how macho you are while you tan your testicles. I’m worried for you. Get help.

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    2. Hello Randy. I have started a reply to this several times. But I don’t have anything more to add than I told you on the phone. It is a sad situation that the Republican party doesn’t care about the public, to them the pubic is simple things to be used to make profit and when the public doesn’t bring in any more profit, they are disposable with no qualms. The Republicans crave power and profit. The power gives them the profit. To me they are no different than the high living communist leaders of any country while the rest of the people starve, they are no different than the oligarchs in Russia that steal the money from then nations businesses and leave the people struggling to survive. The sooner the public learns that Republicans do not want a democracy and do not care if the people live or die, the better the country will be.


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