Carlson Blames BLM For Rise In Traffic Fatalities

WTF.  This is such a lie.  Cops never stopped harming black drivers.   In fact, it increased due to police officers wanting retribution and revenge.   

Media Matters has the transcript:

If you look at the numbers, you will notice that traffic deaths among African-Americans in the year 2020 surged in the month of June. Fatalities among Black drivers in June 2020 were fully 55 percent higher than they were in June of 2019. You never see increases like that. What could have happened?

Well, let’s see. It was in the last week of May of 2020 that a convicted felon called George Floyd died in police custody in Minneapolis and after that, you’ll recall, everything changed.

What changed most of all was how we regard the rule of law. As Russ Martin of the Governors Highway Safety Association put it, Floyd’s death, quote, “accelerated national discussion about equity in transportation.” And that discussion would include, quote, “questions about enforcement.” Oh, there it is, right there. That’s the answer.

Cops across the country were told to stop enforcing traffic laws against Black drivers. No one wanted to be accused of arresting somebody for the crime of, quote, “driving while Black.” So, in the name of equity, the law no longer applied to huge numbers of people. Result? Thousands of Americans died.

‘Til Tuesday 🌼 ☔️ 🌷 ☀️ • 5 hours ago

Carlson had a point he wanted to make (Black Lives Matter is bad), so he threw some shit together. It doesn’t have to be true or make sense or have any facts behind it. His audience doesn’t care about any of that, only that he tells them what they want to hear (BLM is bad). Remember, Fox New is an entertainment network, not a news network.

Friday • 5 hours ago

Tucker makes shit up again. Actually *general* traffic fatalities went up during the pandemic by a lot because there was a lot more room on the road for people not used to driving very fast to drive too fast. Pointing out this applies to black people too doesn’t mean it somehow has to do with a lack of traffic stops, cause those went *up,* too.

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