Jim Bakker: Gays Are Killing Preachers In Their Pulpits

I just have no idea what goes on in the head space of these people?  Really the idea that gays are hunting killing preachers in the pulpit is more than nuts, it is trying to claim the very harm hate preachers do from the pulpit to / against gay and LGBTQ+ people. 

“They call it ‘Don’t Say Gay’ and it’s not true. It’s not even in there. I’m asking the woman of wisdom here what to do. Because I get fought on every hand if I mention anything. And it’s going to be preachers – we’re not going to be able to preach much longer. Because they’re going to shoot us in the pulpit. They will kill us in our pulpits. You don’t believe me? They’re already doing it.” – Scamvangelist Jim Bakker, on today’s show.


Jon • 14 hours ago

Typical Evilangeliar. Just making shit up all the time. No wonder the youngsters are fleeing the churches.

6 thoughts on “Jim Bakker: Gays Are Killing Preachers In Their Pulpits

    1. Hello Jeff. So true. I don’t know where his attractions are but I know that one of the things that brought him down was he loved to fuck and couldn’t keep it in his pants.

      Why these people make what they are the target of their rage stuns me. I wonder if they are trying to convince themselves they are not that? Remember the flamboyant gay black man who found god and claimed very flamboyantly he was not gay anymore. A little while after the new god smell wore off he was back to being gay again.

      But the idea that gays are murdering preachers is a projection for what the preachers want to do to gays. After they sex the good looking ones of course.

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  1. Scottie, of course, this inane, but one must consider the source. Here is a tele-evangelist who went to prison for extorting money from his donors. And, as the movie “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” revealed his gay-bashing is to cover up for the fact he is also gay, which is on the hypocritical side. Even if these were not true, Bakker showed the way for tele-evangelists as the exemplar for living the high-life on donated money. As he told Ted Koppel in the famous interview, “the Lord wanted me to have nice things.” Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. Yes thanks for the info. Jeff also mentioned he was gay. I have two points to make on the entire issue.

      Why do so many preachers of all faiths make normal / natural sexual desire the focus of their abnormal extreme attention? Really these preachers, again of all faiths not just Christians, seem to obsess over sex and all its forms, sometimes creating ridiculous ideas to show it is bad. I want to shout at them “It is normal. It is part of the human animal, it is not going away, get over it or go try it you may enjoy it”. It just is such a stupid hill to die on.

      The other thing I wanted to point out is I think all these preachers and religious people who are claiming they are persecuted and threatened are really projecting what they want to do to others. The ones they hate. They do not seem to realize that gays don’t really care about them if only they would stop trying to make our life hell on earth. If they leave other people alone, they would be ignored. It is their threats to others and their attempt to make everyone live by their church doctrines that causes the friction. When they claim they are being threatened they wish it was so. It is a martyr complex. They want to be like their god.

      They are also grifters as you say.

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      1. Scottie, that obsession is truly unnerving. What folks do in their own bedroom is no one else’s business unless it is not consensual. And, a few ministers’ zeal seems to be hiding a few personal preferences, including some big names like the aforementioned Bakker. As for the political stances and persecution, that is been going on since religion began and was a reason Jim Crow lasted so long. Keith

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