FL School Board Bans Children’s Book About Babies

For anyone who thinks this is not a religious war against gay people, think again.   There shall be no mention or visual of any gayness.   Yet through out the book there are men and women touching and draping arms over each other.

Panama City’s NBC News affiliate reports:

Dozens of books were recently taken off Walton County schools library shelves, leading to concern on social media and during the school board meeting Tuesday. District officials confirmed 58 were removed from libraries throughout all schools.

“I did it for just a welfare of all involved, including our constituents, our teachers, and our students. I’ll continue to do those things and perhaps add some,” Walton County School Superintendent A. Russell Hughes [photo] said.

The Washington Post reports:

Since its publication in 2001, “Everywhere Babies” — a whimsical, lyrical ode to infancy, illustrated by Caldecott Medal-winning illustrator Marla Frazee — has become a staple of family bookshelves, a common recommendation in new parent groups, and a celebrated title on Best Books lists.

But for the first time in its history, “Everywhere Babies” was featured this week on an entirely different kind of list: The book was among dozens of works recently banned from public school libraries in Walton County, Fla.

A spokesperson for the Florida Department of Education referred questions to Walton County, noting that “individual school districts are responsible for making these decisions,” and did not respond to follow-up questions.

The author of “Everywhere Babies” tells the Washington Post that she believes her book was banned due to a single drawing of a man with his arm on another man’s shoulder. There are no explicitly LGBTQ persons depicted in the book.

BeccaM • an hour ago

Republicans are edging ever closer to adopting an outright genocidal attitude regarding LGBTQ people in America, and anyone who supports us.

I use that term very deliberately.

Adam Schmidt BeccaM • 27 minutes ago

They’re taking the Russian approach, trying to eliminate anything at all that suggests that LGBT people exist and certainly anything that says we aren’t explicitly bad. The next step after that is criminalization.

3 thoughts on “FL School Board Bans Children’s Book About Babies

    1. Hello Jeff. WOW dude, I live here. All my stuff is here. First start a refugee program for those like me. We are going to need a lot of support services. Maybe we split the state letting the assholes move south and the good people move north, and we then ship that part of the state back 2,000 years. The redneck will love it because they could hunt the dinosaurs that lived here then. They did live here then according to the creationist right. Dinos in the bible I hear. 😀😁😃😄😋😋

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